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Monday, January 31, 2005

Human Design Service

The Creation of the World
Evolution as a Search Process
M&M Eugenics

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Saturday, January 29, 2005


We Have Secrets That Only Zhocolate Customers Know.

THE BOX - what the box looks like. We don't publish the box image. So either you know what it looks like, or you don't know. It's not a fancy box, we're not box makers... we're chocolatiers. But each box has multiple unique identifiers to guarantee that you are receiving zhocolate and not a copy-cat.

THE TASTE- zhocolate is produced using a secret methodology of "pulsing" the chocolate. This process is VERY time consuming and is the main reason that there is such a limited supply of Zhocolate. Once you try it, then you'll taste the difference.

via Bifurcated Rivets

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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Enter into the Shaman's Cave

"Everything you have ever been taught is a lie. Now go find truth!"

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Saturday, January 22, 2005

First Book of Adam and Eve

Chapter IV - Adam mourns over the changed conditions. Adam and Eve enter the Cave of Treasures.1 But Adam and Eve cried for having come out of the garden, their first home. 2 And indeed, when Adam looked at his flesh, that was altered, he cried bitterly, he and Eve, over what they had done. And they walked and went gently down into the Cave of Treasures. 3 And as they came to it, Adam cried over himself and said to Eve, "Look at this cave that is to be our prison in this world, and a place of punishment! 4 What is it compared with the garden? What is its narrowness compared with the space of the other? 5 What is this rock, by the side of those groves? What is the gloom of this cavern, compared with the light of the garden? 6 What is this overhanging ledge of rock to shelter us, compared with the mercy of the Lord that overshadowed us? 7 What is the soil of this cave compared with the garden land? This earth, strewed with stones; and that, planted with delicious fruit trees?" 8 And Adam said to Eve, "Look at your eyes, and at mine, which before beheld angels praising in heaven; and they too, without ceasing. 9 But now we do not see as we did; our eyes have become of flesh; they cannot see like they used to see before." 10 Adam said again to Eve, "What is our body today, compared to what it was in former days, when we lived in the garden?" 11 After this, Adam did not want to enter the cave, under the overhanging rock; nor would he ever want to enter it. 12 But he bowed to God's orders; and said to himself, "Unless I enter the cave, I shall again be a transgressor."

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Polish Poster Gallery

vintage and original, movie, theater, circus and music posters

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Friday, January 21, 2005

Is Shakespeare Dead ?

Front Matter
Chapter I
Chapter II
Chapter III
- Section
- Section Facts
Chapter IV Conjectures
Chapter V "We May Assume"

IN the Assuming trade three separate and independent cults are transacting business. Two of these cults are known as the Shakespearites and the Baconians, and I am the other one -- the Brontosaurian.

The Shakespearite knows that Shakespeare wrote Shakespeare's Works; the Baconian knows that Francis Bacon wrote them; the Brontosaurian doesn't really know which of them did it, but is quite composedly and contentedly sure that Shakespeare didn't, and strongly suspects that Bacon did. We all have to do a good deal of assuming, but I am
fairly certain that in every case I can call to mind the Baconian assumers have come out ahead of the Shakespearites. Both parties handle the same materials, but the Baconians seem to me to get much more reasonable and rational and persuasive results out of them than is the case with the Shakespearites. The Shakespearite conducts his assuming upon a definite principle, an unchanging and immutable law -- which is: 2 and 8 and 7 and 14, added together, make 165. I believe this to be an error. No matter, you cannot get a habit-sodden Shakespearite to cipher-up his materials upon any other basis. With the Baconian it is different. If you place before him the above figures and set him to adding them up, he will never in any case get more than 45 out of them, and in nine cases out of ten he will get just the proper 31.
Let me try to illustrate the two systems in a simple and homely way calculated to bring the idea within the grasp of the ignorant and unintelligent. We will suppose a case: take a lap-bred, house-fed, uneducated, inexperienced kitten; take a rugged old Tom that's scarred from stem to rudder-post with the memorials of strenuous experience, and is so cultured, so educated, so limitlessly erudite that one may say of him "all cat-knowledge is his province"; also, take a mouse. Lock the three up in a holeless, crackless, exitless prison-cell. Wait half an hour, then open the cell, introduce a Shakespearite and a Baconian, and let them cipher and assume. The mouse is missing: the question to be decided is, where is it? You can guess both verdicts beforehand. One verdict will say the kitten contains the mouse; the other will as certainly say the mouse is in the tomcat.
The Shakespearite will Reason like this -- (that is not my word, it is his). He will say the kitten may have been attending school when nobody was noticing; therefore we are warranted in assuming that it did so; also, it could have been training in a court-clerk's office when no one was noticing; since that could have happened, we are justified in assuming that it did happen; it could have studied catology in a garret when no one was noticing -- therefore it did; it could have attended cat-assizes on the shed-roof nights, for recreation, when no one was noticing, and harvested a knowledge of cat court-forms and cat lawyer-talk in that way: it could have done it, therefore without a doubt it did; it could have gone soldiering with a war-tribe when no one was noticing, and learned soldier-wiles and soldier-ways, and what to do with a mouse when opportunity offers;
the plain inference, therefore is, that that is what it did. Since all these manifold things could have occurred, we have every right to believe they did occur. These patiently and painstakingly accumulated vast acquirements and competences needed but one thing more -- opportunity -- to convert themselves into triumphant action. The opportunity came, we have the result; beyond shadow of question the mouse is in the kitten.

It is proper to remark that when we of the three cults plant a "We think we may assume," we expect it, under careful watering and fertilizing and tending, to grow up into a strong and hardy and weather-defying "there isn't a shadow of a doubt" at last -- and it usually happens.

We know what the Baconian's verdict would be: "There is not a rag of evidence that the kitten has had any training, any education, any experience qualifying it for the present occasion, or is indeed equipped for any achievement above lifting such unclaimed milk as comes its way; but there is abundant evidence -- unassailable proof, in fact -- that the other animal is equipped, to the last detail, with every qualification necessary for the event. Without shadow of doubt the tomcat contains the mouse."

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Solving the Enigma of Kryptos

What does it say about the Central Intelligence Agency that its agents can crack the secret codes of enemy nations but can't unravel a coded sculpture sitting outside their cafeteria window?

It says, perhaps, that artist Jim Sanborn, who created the cryptographic sculpture named Kryptos that sits on CIA grounds, could have a career in covert operations if he ever grows tired of stumping the experts.
It's been nearly 15 years since Sanborn installed the 12-foot-high, verdigrised copper, granite and wood sculpture inscribed with four encrypted messages at the CIA's Langley, Virginia, headquarters in 1990. And it's been seven years since anyone made progress at cracking its code. (cont.)

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The Mysterious Voynich Manuscript

Explanation: The ancient text has no known title, no known author, and is written in no known language: what does it say and why does it have many astronomy illustrations? The mysterious book was once bought by an emperor, forgotten on a library shelf, sold for thousands of dollars, and later donated to Yale. Possibly written in the 15th century, the over 200-page volume is known most recently as the Voynich Manuscript, after its (re-)discoverer in 1912. Pictured above is an illustration from the book that appears to be somehow related to the Sun. The book labels some patches of the sky with unfamiliar constellations. The inability of modern historians of astronomy to understand the origins of these constellations is perhaps dwarfed by the inability of modern code-breakers to understand the book's text. Can the eclectic brain trust of APOD readers make any progress? If you think you can provide any insight, instead of sending us email please participate in an online discussion. The book itself remains in Yale's rare book collection under catalog number "MS 408."

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1889 Patent
Van Houten & Ten Broeck
Morton - Wimshurst - Holtz
Static Generator

I have had this machine since 1975 and it should now have a new home. Made by Van Houten & Ten Broeck of New York probably in the early 1890's. It has 10 discs 29 inches in diameter. It was sold through San Francisco and was used in a Sacramento hospital as an X-Ray power source in the Radiology department for many years. It was taken home by a doctor there when it was retired. It sat in his garage for many years until I came along and snatched it up. I have never run this but I have spun the discs with the very old, and possibly original, motor that comes with this. There is no indication that this was ever set up for hand crank. The case is solid quarter sawn golden oak. Original finish shows some age.

Please note that the very top piece is copied from the original. Due to unforeseen circumstances when I first got this the original top was lost. However I was able to find the correct type and age wood in a Berkeley architectural salvage yard. At the time here in Petaluma was a very experienced and expert craftsman who did a very accurate reconstruction of the top using photographs and drawings from books and photos that I had taken before moving it from Sacramento. I have the correct type finish on it but the shade is a little off due to lack of aging. The original motor speed control is gone but the included Variac works fine. Also, the last time I moved this, one of the glass separators broke in half. (cont.)

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Ancient sunken islands found off California

Sandy beaches sank into Pacific millions of years ago

An image from the ROV Tiburon shows deep-sea beach sand and lava that appears to have been sculpted by waves — along a shore now nearly a half-mile (680 meters) below the surface.

Sandy beaches are plentiful along the California coast, but not many are found below the ocean. Scientists just added three to the list.

What were once volcanic islands off the coast of California now sit at the bottom of sea.

With the help of a robotic submersible, a team of researchers captured images of long-sunken sandy beaches at depths exceeding 2,000 feet (610 meters). The video images and rock samples taken from ocean bottom indicate that the beaches were associated with volcanoes that used to poke above the surface.

Map (r) shows three seamounts that appear to have been volcanic islands between 10 million and 14 million years ago.

The team from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, led by volcanologist David Clague, guided the remotely operated vehicle Tiburon, an unmanned submersible, and took the first video images of the Southern California seamounts. Images revealed wave-cut rock surfaces, eroded beach sand and rounded pebbles — all evidence that these seamounts were once islands.

"They were probably islands for a million years or less and have been submerged for about the last 10 to 14 million years," Clague told LiveScience, adding that his team hasn’t yet finished dating all of the samples hauled up from below. (cont.)

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Discovery By UCSD Astronomers Poses A Cosmic Puzzle:

Can A 'Distant' Quasar Lie Within A Nearby Galaxy ?

An international team of astronomers has discovered within the heart of a nearby spiral galaxy a quasar whose light spectrum indicates that it is billions of light years away. The finding poses a cosmic puzzle: How could a galaxy 300 million light years away contain a stellar object several billion light years away?

Photo of nearby spiral galaxy NCG 7319 with high red-shift quasar at arrow (below).
Credit: NASA/Hubble Space Telescope

“Most people have wanted to argue that quasars are right at the edge of the universe,” said Geoffrey Burbidge, a professor of physics and astronomer at the University of California at San Diego’s Center for Astrophysics and Space Sciences and a member of the team. “But too many of them are being found closely associated with nearby, active galaxies for this to be accidental. If this quasar is physically associated with this galaxy, it must be close by.” (cont.)

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Tailor-made skin from 'ink' printer

SCIENTISTS at Manchester University have developed a printer able to produce human skin to help wounds heal.

It could be used on patients who have suffered burns and disfigurements. With more research it could even replace broken bones.

Using the same principle as an ink-jet printer, experts are able to take skin cells from a patient's body, multiply them, then print out a tailor-made strip of skin, ready to sew on to the body. The wound's dimensions are entered into the printer to ensure a perfect fit.

The printer, which takes up an area equivalent to three filing cabinets, could see the end of traditional skin and bone grafts.

Scientists at the university's School of Materials have already successfully created skin and believe they will soon be able to create bone and cartilage.

Similar printers are being developed in Japan and the US, but the Manchester team is hoping to beat its competitors by being the first to start clinical trials on patients. (cont.)

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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Welcome to the Arcadian Archives on Here you will find volumes of information on many fascinating subjects. Many of these articles originally appeared in Dagobert's Revenge Magazine. To purchase books please visit our online catalogue.

Hidden Secrets of the Blanchefort Tombstone and the Sauniere Parchments

The Historical Authenticity of King Arthur

The Da Vinci Code Hype: An Arcadian Zeitgeist

The Occult World of Rene Guenon

Thule, the Priory of Sion, and Otto Rahn

Kenneth Grant and the Merovingian Mythos

Dead But Dreaming: The Great Old Ones of Lovecraftian Legend Reinterpreted as Atlantean Kings.

Robert Fludd and the House of Orleans

Robert Boyle and the Invisible College

A History of the Knights Templar and Their Involvement with the Priory of Sion

Johann Valentin Andrea and the Rosicrucians

The Albigensian Crusade


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"Dragons - Winged Serpents"

A Collection of Famous and Interesting Dragon Quotations

Dragons have inspired people of all walks of life for thousands of years. Here are just a few of our favourite dragon quotes:

"Come not between the dragon, and his wrath."
- William Shakespeare, King Lear

"It's hard to stop Muggles from noticing us if we're keeping dragons in the back garden - anyway, you can't tame dragons, it's dangerous."
- Ron Weasley

"O to be a dragon, a symbol of the power of Heaven - of silkworm size or immense; at times invisible."
- Marianne Moore, O To Be A Dragon

"Never laugh at live dragons."
- J.R.R. Tolkein - The Hobbit

"Challenge is a dragon with a gift in its mouth... Tame the dragon and the gift is yours."
- Noela Evans

"He who fights too long against dragons becomes a dragon himself; and if you gaze too long into the abyss, the abyss will gaze into you."
- Friedrich Nietzsche

"We're our own dragons as well as our own heroes, and we have to rescue ourselves from ourselves."
- Tom Robbins

"Jealousy: that dragon which slays love under the pretence of keeping it alive."
- Henry Havelock Ellis

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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The Cuneiform Digital Palaeography Project

introduction pilot cuneiform palaeography aims methods dissemination personnel
About the CDP

The Cuneiform Digital Palaeography (CDP) Project is a joint research project between an inter-disciplinary team at the University of Birmingham and the British Museum, funded by a grant from the Leverhulme Trust. The project has grown out of the success of its pilot incarnation in January 1999 as the Cuneiform Digital Forensic Project, an inter-disciplinary research project at the University of Birmingham.
The CDP Project aims to establish a detailed palaeography for the cuneiform script. For while the importance of palaeography has long been taken for granted in its sister disciplines, this aspect of Assyriology is still very much in its infancy. Yet Assyriology is blessed with a rich supply of source material, and studies by various scholars on specific parts of the cuneiform repertoire have highlighted the vast potential on offer. Progress in this field to date has been restricted by the very magnitude of the data, by the limited availability of the source material in suitable format (hand copies of other hand copies of sources are inadequate), and by technological constraints. (cont.)

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A Midi Pommes Bleues

(Blue Apples at Midday)

Photo taken at 12:45pm in the church at Rennes le Chateau on 17 January 2005
Copyright (c) 2005 - Marcus Williamson
Rennes-le-Chateau Home Page

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The science behind the paranormal


During all those years we were investigating anomalous phenomena, we were also intensely following the developing Russian superweapons work, and the demonstrations and testing incidents in that area as well. Contrary to popular view, there are hundreds of reported incidents of these weapons tests worldwide, including the test of Russian weapons right here in the U.S. (against NASA shuttle launches from Cape Canaveral, Minuteman launches, kill of the Arrow DC-8 at Newfoundland, etc.). We even published a picture of the Russian practice weapon strike offset from a U.S. shuttle launch at Cape Canaveral in November 1985, and that was the same weapon that killed the Arrow DC-8 at Gander Newfoundland two weeks latter, with more than 250 on board. The Soviets were actually preparing for full war in 1986, and were not hesitating to commit hostile acts. A little friendly nation saved our collective bacon the next year, 1986, or the Soviets would have destroyed us in 1986. And so on. The so-called “Cold” War was never quite as cold as it was made out, or as the news media believed.

A close colleague, Joe Gambill (now sadly deceased), also highly developed and did tremendous experiments with the type of abnormal photography that Trevor Constable used for a while. The notion is that, by blanking out the visible spectrum between the IR and UV, but having the lens open to IR and UV selected for one harmonic interval, one has just found a way to filter in one harmonic interval of the internal electrodynamics comprising normal EM fields and potentials, as shown by Whittaker in 1903 and 1904. Photos taken by that process can reveal some very unusual things that normal photography and instruments never see. (Interestingly, there is again some activity in the popular press, by the invention of ways to “see through walls and matter” etc. The “internal longitudinal EM wave” stuff comes through the matter anyway, since matter is a wonderful superhighway for the transmission of longitudinal EM waves. So with the right detectors on the other end, one can indeed “see through walls” and “see through intervening objects such as buildings”, etc. The patented Fogal transistor, e.g., could be used in video cameras that were capable of “focusing” at ranges beyond intervening objects masking the normal “view”, so that those distant but “hidden” objects could be photographed and viewed. Back there quite a ways, I also found a very fine scientist, Dr. William Tiller, former head of the materials science department at Stanford, who had experimented intensely with such photography, and had also obtained rigorous but rather astounding results.

The major problem in everything we looked into, wound up being the incredible inadequacy of the standard electrodynamics we are all taught in university, particularly in electrical engineering. No way could it explain the EM phenomenology in either field – the “strange phenomena” field or the superweapons field.
Eventually we slowly and painfully started seeking out and compiling what appeared to be known (though sometimes obscured in the literature) flaws in the CEM/EE model. We continue along that line even today. Many of those flaws have been pointed out by eminent scientists (such as Wheeler, Nobelist Feynman, Bunge, etc.) but our own scientific leadership such as National Science Foundation, National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, Department of Energy, national laboratories, and universities simply will not correct this archaic CEM/EE that is still taught to all our electrical engineers. Indeed, to my knowledge none of those agencies or groups has even published the results of a rigorous investigation to list the specific foundations assumptions in the horrid old CEM/EE model, then point out which ones are known to be false because modern physics in the intervening century since that model was formulated has discovered many additional things.

A few of the major problems with the CEM/EE model are:

The model assumes:

1. A flat local spacetime environment, falsified since 1916.

2. An inert local vacuum environment, falsified since at least 1930.

3. A static material ether filling all space -- falsified since 1877.

4. That every EM field, EM potential, and joule of observable EM energy in the universe is and has been freely produced by its associated source charges. So far okay. But it also assumes that this steady outpouring of real photons and thus real EM energy from every charge or dipolarity, occurs without any input of energy at all from the external vacuum environment or the external curved spacetime environment, because of assumptions one and two, and indeed there is no observable input of energy detectable by any instrument as is well known.

5. No input of virtual state energy to the source charge, and no mention of the charge’s consumption of positive entropy in the virtual state to provide its continuous production of negative entropy in the observable state. Therefore the CEM/EE model falsely assumes that every EM field, EM potential, and joule of observable EM energy in the universe is freely created (by the source charges) out of nothing at all -- in total violation of the conservation of energy law. In short, the CEM/EE model thus assumes a ubiquitous and rather universal violation of the conservation of energy law. Either the conservation of energy law is false, or there must be the necessary nonobservable (virtual state) energy input, and then that requires falsifying the present old second law of thermodynamics. Note we have indeed falsified the second law (starting from a system in equilibrium, if the system is then excited (lowering its entropy) so it can then decay and produce entropy, and does so, the second law describes the entropic decay of the nonequilibrium state, back to equilibrium, but it forbids the previous negative entropy operation that excited the system in the first place. The old second law is thus an oxymoron assuming its own self-contradiction has previously occurred. We have therefore corrected and extended the second law to account for that initial unaccounted negative entropy operation, so that now the new second law is consistent with experiment and with nature. It also now includes all the previously accepted violations (such as sharp gradients, memory of materials, transient fluctuations, etc.).

6. That Lorentz symmetry exists and is continuously maintained in the dynamics of its circuits and systems, so that Lorentz invariant equations (much simpler equations) can be used to describe the systems and their dynamics. That assumption excludes all permissible Maxwellian systems that violate Lorentz symmetry and thus cannot be described by Lorentz-invariant equations. Hence if implemented in the circuits and systems, this enforced assumption guarantees that the COP<1.0 cop =" (X">0 in any practical system, then COP<1.0. f =""> dp/dt = d/dt(mv) where I use the => as an identity symbol due to the plain text. By expanding d/dt(mv), one has a mass component existing in both terms. Hence that demonstrates that mass is a component of force. Forces exist only in and of mass system dynamics. They cannot and do not exist in the presence of mass. Instead, a force-free precursor exists in space – a precursor of that force that will be created in charged mass, once the massless and force-free field in space is interacting with it. That precursor, e.g., is merely a change in the local virtual particle flux of the vacuum (if you prefer the particle physics view), or a change in the local curvature of spacetime (if you prefer the relativity view). In short, we hopefully have also answered Feynman's complaint that we really do not know what "energy" is. Now, if we are careful and follow the example shown by the Soviets, energy can ultimately be defined as a change in the local curvature of spacetime or as a change in the local virtual particle flux of the vacuum. The EM force field can now be accurately defined as the ongoing interaction of the precursor EM energy field in space with charged static mass. As an example, for the E-field he point intensity of that interaction with static mass is E = F/q. Voila! Now the nature of the behavior of that interacting mass also affects the total "magnitude" of the EM force fields (and their dynamic energy) resulting.
7. Uses the ubiquitous closed current loop circuit, with the source of freely flowing potential (and thereby potential energy) from the vacuum wired into the external circuit as a load while the current in said circuit is flowing. That rather stupid practice implements the entire severely limited and arbitrarily restricted operational regime described briefly in assumption #6.

8. Arbitrarily discards all accounting of the giant Heaviside curled energy flow that accompanies every accounted Poynting energy flow, but usually does not interact with anything and does nothing (so long as the local spacetime is nearly flat). The magnitude of the unaccounted Heaviside energy flow component is on the order (roughly) of a trillion times the magnitude of the accounted Poynting energy flow component. That means that an automobile battery actually outputs enough energy flow to power New York City, were it all captured and interacted and utilized. To the contrary of opinion, it is possible to force part of the Heaviside energy flow to interact after all. Without understanding the thermodynamics of the mechanism that occurs, the scientists working in "negative resonance absorption of the medium" since 1967 are doing just that. At IR or UV, standard experiments produce 18 times as much usable energy radiated from the absorbing medium, as the operator puts into it with his accounted Poynting energy flow component. Of course he also unwittingly inputs that enormous Heaviside component, and that gives him plenty of extra available energy. The scientists cannot explain it except in terms of "increased reaction cross section" and "negative resonance absorption", because the standard definition of the E-field is point intensity of the force field created in static charged matter (with a static unit point charge -- with mass -- assumed at every point in space). By simply inputting the energy at a given frequency (say, IR), onto a medium that has charged particles (in this case, charged dielectric particles) cut to size so that they go into self-oscillation at the IR frequency, that oscillating charge sweeps out a greater geometrical reaction cross section in the set of energy flows that comprise any EM field in space (Whittaker 1903 and 1904). Hence the same charge now intercepts and diverges more EM energy than that charge would do in static condition, and so the particulate self-resonant medium absorbs 18 times as much energy as the operator (with the puerile static charge collection assumption) assumes he inputs. As you can see, there's a real foundations mess spread across physics in the "electromagnetic interactions" area. And that spreads on into chemistry, etc.

9. That EM force fields exist in mass-free (empty) space (note that this "logically follows" from the false assumption of a thin material static ether filling all space, but is still false because it reasons from a false premise). That is false, and no EM force fields exist in space, as has been pointed out by eminent physicists (e.g., Feynman, who points out in his three volumes of sophomore physics that only the potential to make a force field exists, should some charged matter be made available and interacted with). Mass is a component of force. Since a definition requires an identity statement rather than an equation, take the identity equation of F => dp/dt = d/dt(mv) where I use the => as an identity symbol due to the plain text. By expanding d/dt(mv), one has a mass component existing in both terms. Hence that demonstrates that mass is a component of force. Forces exist only in and of mass system dynamics. They cannot and do not exist in the presence of mass. Instead, a force-free precursor exists in space – a precursor of that force that will be created in charged mass, once the massless and force-free field in space is interacting with it. That precursor, e.g., is merely a change in the local virtual particle flux of the vacuum (if you prefer the particle physics view), or a change in the local curvature of spacetime (if you prefer the relativity view). In short, we hopefully have also answered Feynman's complaint that we really do not know what "energy" is. Now, if we are careful and follow the example shown by the Soviets, energy can ultimately be defined as a change in the local curvature of spacetime or as a change in the local virtual particle flux of the vacuum. The EM force field can now be accurately defined as the ongoing interaction of the precursor EM energy field in space with charged static mass. As an example, for the E-field he point intensity of that interaction with static mass is E = F/q. Voila! Now the nature of the behavior of that interacting mass also affects the total "magnitude" of the EM force fields (and their dynamic energy) resulting.

10. That "static" EM fields and potentials exist and are associated with static charges and dipoles. That is false if we mean "absolutely static", since all EM fields and potentials are dynamic sets of energy flows (Whittaker 1903 and 1904, as augmented by modern scientists such as Ziolkowski). Any so-called "static" EM field is actually a NESS (nonequilibrium steady state) system, continually created and replenished by the steady outflow of real observable photons at light speed, from the static charge or dipolarity. Easily shown experimentally. For the word "static" one must use Van Flandern's analogy of an unfrozen waterfall, where every molecule component is in continuous motion through the waterfall pattern or volume. The pattern in space appears static, but nothing in the system is static. If we think the waterfall is frozen, that is not what a "static" field is. That "unfrozen waterfall analogy" of course is a good analogy of a nonequilibrium steady state (NESS) thermodynamic system -- which is what an EM field or potential actually is. (cont.)

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Turin Cathedral-Holy Shroud Chapel

Web Cam

Shroud of Turin

New Chemical Testing Points to Ancient Origin for Burial Shroud of Jesus; Los Alamos Scientist Proves 1988 Carbon-14 Dating of the Shroud of Turin Used Invalid Rewoven Sample

DALLAS, Jan. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- The American Shroud of Turin Association for Research (AMSTAR), a scientific organization dedicated to research on the enigmatic Shroud of Turin, thought by many to be the burial cloth of the crucified Jesus of Nazareth, announced today that the 1988 Carbon-14 test was not done on the original burial cloth, but rather on a rewoven shroud patch creating an erroneous date for the actual age of the Shroud.

The Shroud of Turin is a large piece of linen cloth that shows the faint full-body image of a blood-covered man on its surface. Because many believe it to be the burial cloth of Jesus, researchers have tried to determine its origin though numerous modern scientific methods, including Carbon-14 tests done at three radiocarbon labs which set the age of the artifact at between AD 1260 and 1390.

"Now conclusive evidence, gathered over the past two years, proves that the sample used to date the Shroud was actually taken from an expertly-done rewoven patch," says AMSTAR President, Tom D'Muhala. "Chemical testing indicates that the linen Shroud is actually very old -- much older than the published 1988 radiocarbon date."

"As unlikely as it seems, the sample used to test the age of the Shroud of Turin in 1988 was taken from a rewoven area of the Shroud," reports chemist Raymond Rogers, a fellow of the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico. Rogers' new findings are published in the current issue of Thermochimica Acta, a chemistry peer reviewed scientific journal.

"Pyrolysis-mass-spectrometry results from the sample area coupled with microscopic and microchemical observations prove that the radiocarbon sample was not part of the original cloth of the Shroud of Turin which is currently housed at The Turin Cathedral in Italy," says Rogers.

"The radiocarbon sample has completely different chemical properties than the main part of the shroud relic," explains Rogers. "The sample tested was dyed using technology that began to appear in Italy about the time the Crusaders' last bastion fell to the Mameluke Turks in AD 1291. The radiocarbon sample cannot be older than about AD 1290, agreeing with the age determined in 1988. However, the Shroud itself is actually much older." (cont.)

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Research Funded For Slowing Light


Robert Boyd, an optics professor at the University of Rochester made a breakthrough in optics in 2003. He used what he calls "table top optics." The optics system consists of lasers and a small piece of ruby. The optics can slow light from over 669,600,000 MPH (186,000 miles per second) down to just 38MPH, or 56 feet per second. [1] Earlier systems by other researchers that previously accomplished this required a room full of equipment.

Grant for Research

A team of researchers led by professor Boyd at the University of Rochester, has been awarded $6.5 million to show how his new cutting edge research will help optical computing. The technology has immediate applications in fibreoptics for merging optical data in computer networks. Boyd has developed a simple table top apparatus to slow light down to 38MPH. Also participating in the DARPA grant are researchers from Cornell University, Duke University, University of California at Santa Barbara and the University of Southern California. Additional methods and technology using materials other than ruby to control the slowing of light pulses, will be developed under the grant. (cont.)

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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

ABC OKs Night Stalker Pilot

ABC has ordered a pilot of an updated Night Stalker series from former The X-Files executive producer Frank Spotnitz, Variety reported. The show will rework the classic 1970s ABC show Kolchak: The Night Stalker, which detailed a hard-boiled journalist's investigations into freakish occurrences, the trade paper reported.

Ironically, The X-Files creator Chris Carter has said he was inspired in part by the original Night Stalker series, which starred Darren McGavin.

The Return of Carl Kolchak

Paranormal Investigator

The Millennial Abyss


Season Two Now Available on DVD
Millennium: The Complete Second Season , the second volume in the Millennium DVD collection, hits store shelves in the United States and Canada today. The Region 1 box set contains all twenty-three episodes of the show's remarkable second year and offers a total of 989 minutes. Executive Producers Glen Morgan and James Wong guided Frank Black on a brave new journey in the show's second year, exploring dark mythologies and twisted conspiracies. These stunning episodes, many of them among the best the series ever produced, have been completely unavailable to Americans since the turn of the millennium itself. The six-disc collection also contains never-before-seen documentaries, featurettes, and commentaries offering viewers a glimpse behind the scenes. "With Morgan and Wong at the helm, season two further explores the dark and fantastical, but becomes a lot more surreal, but no less fascinating," declares's editorial review. "So whether you are drawn to stories about dark serial killers, the ongoing tales of conspiracies, familiar comedies, or the bizarre, season two has something for you." Visit the Abyss DVD page to review the set's complete features or to learn more about the collection's predecessor and successor. Millennium: The Complete Second Season can be found at such retailers as, Best Buy, and Wal-Mart.
Official Millennium Site Expanded

With the release of Millennium: The Complete Second Season , Fox Home Entertainment has updated and expanded their official website dedicated to promoting the show's release on DVD. The revised site offers a new photo gallery, second season press releases, and a number of new downloads including wallpaper and AIM user icons. It also presents the same lavish, if gory, decoration and animation we've come to expect, complete with the startling, random flashes of Frank Black's visions. Millennium: The Complete Second will be available on Region 1 DVD beginning January 4th. Visit the official Millennium website to explore the new online features or to pre-order the collection.


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"Without further ado, we begin this journey - for no particular reason - with Phil Hartman, who was a highschool friend of Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme, who later became a disciple of Charlie Manson, a jailhouse correspondent of John Hinckley, and the attempted assassin of President Gerald Ford, who was once a roommate of modeling entrepreneur Harry Conover, whose wife was the infamous Candy Jones, who was 'treated' by CIA-linked hypnotist William Jennings Bryan, who also 'treated' the purported Boston Strangler, Albert DeSalvo, whose name was written repetitively throughout the diaries of Sirhan Sirhan, who was also 'treated' by Bryan, who served as the technical director on The Manchurian Candidate, which was directed by John Frankenheimer, at whose beach house a dinner was held on June 5, 1968 whose attendees included "Mama" Cass Elliot, Roman Polanski, and Sharon Tate, who was killed just over a year later by followers of Charlie Manson, whose music was recorded by Doris Day's son, music producer Terry Melcher, who lived with girlfriend Candace Bergen at 10050 Cielo Drive the year before it became a slaughterhouse after being rented by Polanski, who initially was slated to pen the screenplay for Day of the Dolphin, which purported to tell the story of Dr. John Lilly, who was a friend of Timothy Leary, whose Mellon family-owned Millbrook estate was frequently visited by Dr. Max "Feelgood" Jacobson, who once 'treated' Judy Garland and who served as the personal physician of John Kennedy, whose assassination prompted the shelving of the film The Manchurian Candidate by its star, Frank Sinatra, who was a frequent companion of fellow 'Brat Packer' Sammy Davis, Jr., who was an acknowledged member of Anton LaVey's Church of Satan, from where Manson recruited killers Bobby "Cupid" Beausoleil and Susan "Sexy Sadie" Atkins, who confessed to her cellmates that she had stabbed to death actress Sharon Tate, who was inducted into witchcraft on the set of the Polanski-directed film The Fearless Vampire Killers by Alexander "King of the Witches" Saunders, who received 'training' as a child from Aleister Crowley, whose followers included Anton LaVey and fellow Church of Satan member Kenneth Anger, who was the roommate (and probable lover) of Family member Bobby Beausoleil, who once appeared in an underground film titled Mondo Hollywood, which also featured hairdresser and Manson victim Jay Sebring, who was a former lover of Sharon Tate, who was a friend of a wealthy widow named Charlene Caffritz, who played host to - and filmed the exploits of - Charlie and some of his girls, who also lived for a time with Beach Boy Dennis Wilson, who recorded a song penned by Charlie, who was an occasional member of the entourage of Mama Cass, who was listed as a defense witness for Charlie's trial (but never called), as was her Mamas and the Papas band-mate John Phillips, who was close to Polanski, Tate, Melcher, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Cass Elliot, and film producer Robert Evans, who was working with - and very likely contracted the execution killing of - Roy Radin, whose assistant was Michael DeVinko aka Mickie DeVinko aka Mickie Deans, who married - just a few months before her untimely death - Wizard of Oz star Judy Garland, who as a teen was flooded with phone messages and telegrams by admirer Oscar Levant, whose dead body was found by Candace Bergen, who - as a photojournalist for Life magazine - covered the preempted presidential campaign of Robert Kennedy, who was romantically linked to Marilyn Monroe, who was also linked to Anton LaVey, who appeared in Kenneth Anger's Invocation of My Demon Brother (released in August of 1969) along with Bobby Beausoleil, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, who was a guest at the 1968 London wedding of Sharon Tate to Roman Polanski, who - during a nude photo shoot - molested a thirteen-year-old girl at the home of Jack Nicholson, who was a friend of Cass Elliot, as were Robert Evans and Manson victims Jay Sebring, Voytek Frykowski and Abigail Folger, who provided funding for the Himalayan Academy, which Kenneth Anger helped form with Timothy Leary, who was at the side of the stage at the 1969 Altamont concert where - while the Rolling Stones played the Process Church-inspired Sympathy for the Devil* - a fan was killed on film by the Hell's Angels, who had been romanticized and transformed into anti-establishment heroes in the film Scorpio Rising by Kenneth Anger and the book Hell's Angels by Hunter S. Thompson, both of whom have been accused of making snuff films** for private collectors, which was also a favorite pastime of Charlie Manson, one of whose underage recruits was Didi Lansbury, who had written permission to travel with Charlie from her mother, Angela Lansbury, who starred as the control agent in The Manchurian Candidate, which was based on the novel of the same name by Richard Condon, who once served as a publicist for Walt Disney, who once owned the home where the Manson Family slaughtered Leno LaBianca and wife Rosemary, who was involved in the trafficking of drugs, as were many of those in this twisted saga, including Charles Manson, victims Voytek Frykowski and Abigail Folger, John Phillips and Kenneth Anger, who was a huge fan of the dark and violent imagery of the Rosicrucian-inspired, L. Frank Baum-penned Oz books, which inspired the band The Magick Powerhouse of Oz, which was led by Bobby Beausoleil, who was also at one time in the band Love with Arthur Lee, four of whose members later turned up dead or missing and presumed dead, as did Charlene Caffritz, Cass Elliot (who allegedly choked on a sandwich in 1974), Dennis Wilson (who allegedly drowned on December 28, 1983), and Gram Parsons, whose corpse was stolen and burned at Joshua Tree on the autumnal equinox of 1973 by his band's road manager, Phil Kaufman, who was a good friend from prison of Charlie Manson, who met (at Cass Elliot's house) and received money from victim Abigail Folger, who also funded Kenneth Anger, who at various times lived with both Jimmy Page (who purchased Crowley's home and many of his artifacts) and Keith Richards & Anita Pallenberg, whose home - in 1979 - yielded the body of a teenager who had been shot to death, as was John Lennon the next year by Mark David Chapman, who shortly before doing so met with - and offered a gift of live bullets to - Kenneth Anger, whose films were cited as a major influence by photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, who was implicated by witnesses in the Halloween 1981 execution killing of New York photographer Ronald Sisman (a close associate of Roy Radin), who was reportedly in possession of a snuff film of one of the Son of Sam murders, which were allegedly committed by David Berkowitz, who from prison accurately described the Sisman killing before it happened and who took the fall for the Son of Sam murders to cover up the involvement of others, including possibly Roy Radin and wealthy art dealer Andrew Crispo, who admitted being present at the site of a ritual murder which was committed by a man named Bernard LeGeros, who was the son of a State Department official, as was Pic Dawson, who was a regular member of the entourage of Cass Elliot, as was a one-time bodyguard of publisher Larry Flynt named Bill Mentzer, who was convicted of killing Radin and who was suspected of involvement in numerous other contract murders, including some of those attributed to David Berkowitz, who was 'examined' by psychiatrist/hypnotist Daniel Schwartz, as was Mark David Chapman, who was obsessed with the film The Wizard of Oz and the book The Catcher in the Rye, which was written by reclusive author J.D. Salinger, who served in the OSS with Henry Kissinger, who was a close adviser to Gerald Ford, who once met and shook hands with Mark David Chapman, who was 'examined' by psychiatrist/hypnotist Bernard Diamond, who also 'examined' Sirhan Sirhan, who had connections to the Process Church, as did many of those ensnared in this sordid web, including Kenneth Anger, John Phillips, Roy Radin, David Berkowitz and Charlie Manson, who attended a New Year's Eve party at the home of John Phillips, who wrote the siren song of the 'Summer of Love,' bringing thousands of hippies and flower children streaming into San Francisco and into the hands of such figures as Louis "Dr. Jolly" West, Anton LaVey, Charlie Manson, Bobby Beausoleil, Timothy Leary and Kenneth Anger, who - just three days after the suspicious death of Rolling Stone Brian Jones - filmed the Hell's Angels stomping the crowd at a 1969 Stones concert in London, just five months before they did the very same thing to the crowd at Altamont, which was organized by San Francisco attorney Melvin Belli, who consulted with F. Lee Bailey whilst the latter was busily railroading Albert DeSalvo and later consulted with Richard "The Night Stalker" Ramirez, who was offered an honorary membership in the Church of Satan by Anton LaVey's daughter Zeena, who along with boyfriend Nickolas Schreck staged an event on 8-8-88 celebrating the slaughter of the victims of the Manson Family, who some researchers believe were involved in the murders attributed to the "Zodiac," who called and sent correspondence to Melvin Belli, whose clients included the widow of Hermann Goering and Jack Ruby, who assassinated Lee Harvey Oswald, the purported assassin of John Kennedy, whose brother Robert was romantically linked to Jayne Mansfield, as was Anton LaVey, who served as Roman Polanski's technical director on the 1968 film Rosemary's Baby, which was set in New York's Dakota Apartments, where John Lennon was gunned down by Mark David Chapman, who shared a fixation on The Catcher in the Rye with failed assassin John Hinckley, Jr., who stalked actress Jodie Foster, who is working on a film biography of Leni Riefenstahl, who was met by - and admired by - fellow filmmaker Kenneth Anger, who laced his film Scorpio Rising with Nazi imagery, including the prominent use of swastikas, not unlike the one carved into the forehead of Charlie Manson, who - at the Cielo Drive home of Polanski and Tate - had a chance meeting with Nancy Sinatra, the daughter of Frank Sinatra, who was married to actress Mia Farrow, who starred in the Polanski-directed Rosemary's Baby, which was produced by Robert Evans, a friend of Henry Kissinger, who was the righthand man of President Richard Nixon, whose election was ensured by the assassination of Robert Kennedy by Sirhan Sirhan, who was yet another client of Melvin Belli, as were the Hell's Angels and Nazi-collaborator Errol Flynn, who made two films with Ronald Reagan, who was an occasional visitor to the childhood home of Candace Bergen, who - as a photojournalist - chronicled the short-lived administration of Gerald Ford, who married one of his friend Harry Conover's 'Covergirls,' who later opened the Betty Ford Center, where various celebrities in and out of this web routinely check in for tune-ups."

From this wonderfully entertaining webpage.

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Salvador Dali: painting the apocalypse of Perillos?

Links to Perillos

The world of Dali seems far removed from the mystery of Perillos, but nothing is further from the truth. Dali stated he had a vision while inside the station of Perpignan, on September 19, 1963. “I had an example of a cosmogonic ecstasy, more powerful than the preceding ones. I had a precise vision of the constitution of the Universe.” Dali came to believe that the station of Perpignan was the centre of the universe; the universe would begin to converge from within this station.
For Dali, the station of Perpignan was the centre of his universe; uncomfortable with the administrative details the Spanish station of Figueres required, he opted to ship all his large canvases to the United States from the station of Perpignan. But that was not what Dali was hinting at.
The vision from 1963 was followed by a painting of the Station of Perpignan, which went on display on December 18, 1865, in New York. In the invitation sent out for the opening night of the exhibition, Dali repeated his claim that the station would be the location from where the universe would start to converge. (cont.)

Société Périllos

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Tune in at 11:59pm (PST) ::: RADIO: 94.1 FM
Berkeley CA

Tune in and listen (live internet stream)


(in case you can't listen live)

Special Guests Tonite!

Kent Jolly, Thom Blum, Merlin and Cliff Caruthers of The New San Francisco Tape Music Center will be joining us to talk about the upcoming The San Francisco Tape Music Festival, the history of Tape Music and more...

What is Tape Music??
It is a bit paradoxical to use the word traditionally with a practice of the avant garde -- but, traditionally the words tape music have referred to the target media of a new kind of music. This new kind of music is not composed for arbitration by a pianist and the piano, so it must not be piano music. . . not for the string quartet, not for the orchestra, not even for the rock 'n roll band.

dAS will be your host, and me the pixie with my little bag'o noise-toys...

Station call line: (510) 848-4425

Since 1981, No Other Radio Network has pioneered and provided a forum for underground, noise, electronic, industrial, psycho acoustic and many other genres of music, in addition to featuring live interviews and performance over the airwaves.

We welcome artists to send us their works.

Archived playlists from all ubuibi-hosted N.O.R. shows are available at ubuibi

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Monday, January 17, 2005

Angel Light

Troy Hurtubise has done the seemingly impossible with his newest invention and defied all known rules of physics, he says.

The Angel Light—Hurtubise claims the concept came to him in a recurring dream—can reportedly see through walls, as if there was no barrier at all. That’s not all, though. Hurtubise continued testing the light on other materials and discovered it could also see through other metals including steel, tin, titanium and, unlike Superman, lead. As well the beam also penetrated ceramic and wood. Then Hurtubise put his hand in the light beam. “I could see my blood vessels, muscles, everything, like I’d taken an Exacto knife, cut into my skin and peeled it back,” Hurtubise said.

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UA professor Gary E. Schwartz has put Allison Dubois' psychic abilities
to the test. "There is no question this is not a fraud," he says.

Varied readings on Arizona psychic

The real-life Phoenix woman who inspired the new TV drama "Medium" can indeed contact dead people, according to scientific - and controversial - tests performed on her at the University of Arizona.

The abilities of Allison Dubois - who claims she can see dead people, receive information from them, and even hear the thoughts of the living - are showcased in the new NBC Monday night show, with actress Patricia Arquette.

In real life, Dubois, 33 next week, has used her paranormal talents to help police in Phoenix and in other states solve crimes - the main plot of "Medium," along with her life as a wife and mother of three young children.

But what few may realize is Dubois' prime power - making contact with people after death - has been subjected to three years of UA research scientifically designed to determine if she is an authentic "medium" or a fraud.

Although the studies have stirred controversy nationwide and have been slammed by several skeptics, the Harvard-trained UA professor who ran them strongly defends their legitimacy, as does Dubois.

"There is no question this is not a fraud - some people really can do this, and Allison is one of them," said psychology professor Gary E. Schwartz, who directs the UA's Human Energy Systems Laboratory where the experiments with Dubois and other well-known mediums - including John Edward of TV's "Crossing Over" fame - have been conducted.

"Many people claim to do this, and there are clearly frauds out there. Allison was repeatedly tested and passed every test.

"As a scientist, I approach all this as an agnostic - I don't believe it; I don't disbelieve it. After testing her under conditions that ruled out the possibility of fraud, I came to the conclusion she's the real deal." (cont.)

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Hey kids....It's Health Food Update Time !

100-pound woman downs 6-pound burger

Kate Stelnick, 19, of Princeton, N.J., who weighs just 100 pounds, on Wednesday became the first person to eat a six-pound hamburger - and five pounds of fixins’ - within three hours.

Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub got nationwide attention when it introduced the massive hamburger, which is loaded with six pounds of meat, one large onion, two whole tomatoes, one half head of lettuce, 1 1/4 pounds of cheese, top and bottom buns, and a cup each of mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, relish, banana peppers and some pickles. (cont.)

Demand for KFC Soaring in China

LOUISVILLE, Ky. - China's relentless appetite for the colonel's chicken has KFC on a building boom in the world's most populous country, with 1,200 locations, soaring profits and a menu that mixes in bamboo shoots and lotus roots.

"In many parts of China, the local municipal governments actually view the arrival of a KFC as a sign of the city coming of age," Su said in a phone interview from China.

Nisgore (left) and DW...take a break for their one allotted candy bar per day health regime !

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Sights and Sounds of Titan
Listen to this story via streaming audio, a downloadable file, or get help.

Above: A 360o panoramic view of the terrain around Huygens' landing site. Scientists speculate that the white streaks are a ground 'fog' of methane or ethane vapor. [More]

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