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Sunday, January 16, 2005

From Light to Sound: Chapter 1

The primary spiritual exercise by which the seeker can experience the Audible Life Stream involves centering one’s attention at the third-eye center. As this is accomplished, the student begins to perceive the Divine Melody of the universe’s sounds with the inner senses, hearing buzzing bees, tinkling bells, rushing water, harps, flutes, and even bagpipes. Each specific sound relates to a specific vibration which the wave of spirit creates as it passes through the many planes of inner experiences. This great Sound Current provides a stream of spirit for the spiritual seeker to tune into and experience the inner dimensions of consciousness.

On the Symbolism of the Bee in the Occult Tradition

To those unfamiliar with our work, it may seem curious that an occult aspirant should choose the seemingly lowly and unaspiring bee as a symbol of his chosen study. To those who have examined the aims and precepts of occultism more closely, the obvious connection is summarized well by a statement of St. John Chrysostom in his twelfth homily: "The bee is more honored than other animals, not because she labors, but because she labors for others." Indeed, the bee works unceasingly for the common good of the hive, and obeys without question what sometimes appears to be an inequitable hierarchy.

So, too, does the occultist aim to serve the common good of humanity. He does so in two ways -- by first developing himself to be a fit vessel for the spiritual forces that he makes use of in his work, and secondly, by directing those spiritual forces to aid in correcting the imbalances in the knowledge or circumstances of those that come to him for assistance. The trained occultist knows that he is not separate from others, but shares with them a community of consciousness by virtue of their shared humanity. In helping others along the path, he also advances himself. As he advances himself, so does he lift up all others that will tread the path after him. Additionally, the occult aspirant obeys a heriarchy as immutable as that of the hive. The difference with the occultist, however, is that the hierarchy he obeys are the precepts that the Higher Self has set down for him, and the laws of his own mind and of the mind side of Nature. These precepts and laws, though fixed and rigid on their own planes, appear inequitable only to those that do not know how to make use of them. The bee does not complain of the hierarchy, but sets himself to do his best within it; so, too, does the occultist.

The bee is also a symbol for wisdom, for it collects pollen from many flowers and turns it into the nourishing honey, which is the gold of bees. Just so, the occult aspirant collects experience from the varying circumstances of his life and from it extracts spiritual gold. As the spiritual alchemists imply, the life of the occult aspirant is his laboratory, and his consciousness and his body the subjects of his spiritual experiments. (cont.)

On Vajrasattva

It is also taught that the mantra should be recited like "the buzzing of bees": a low, sonorous sound flowing over the lips in unbroken rhythm. The drone of the sound, the stirring of the heart, the focus on the visualization, these are what is important. Allow oneself to believe whole heartedly in the Practice.

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