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Friday, January 14, 2005

The Trip Receptacles

Crosley Bendix delivers an entheogen-inspired lecture.
You get elves, everybody does (5 MB): In a dialog with Dr. Leary, Terence McKenna talks about smoking DMT, seeing the elves, aliens up the kazoo, and experimenting with mushrooms in the Amazon basin. Very cool music behind this.
What is the technology of consciousness? (15 MB): Here's a lecture from Dr. Stanislav Grof M.D., as he discusses how split units of consciousness arise out of the screenwork of cosmic masonry. A little more Rumi, and you say, "The guy is tripping".
Where do these words come from? (9 MB): Sasha discusses the vocabulary of pharmaco-phenomenology. The Professor recites the Rumi poem, This We Have Now. D.M. Turner on the relationship between DMT and MAO inhibitors. The infamous bicycle-ride trip report from Albert Hoffman's original LSD experiment.
Following 100 mg of 4-TASB (4 MB): Sasha reminds us that psychedelics do not always lead to God and enlightenment. Callers advise on proper dosages of psilocybe cubensis.
Introduction to the January show (14 MB): The show begins with some introductory material, and the Professor gets things rolling with a lecture on the historical and sociological background underpinning contemporary psychedelic culture.
That famous and catastrophic year at Harvard (2 MB): Dr. Leary speculates on the age-specific differences reflected in the impact of LSD in academia and professional groups.
Protect your state of mind (14 MB): Dr. Weil, Dr. Grof and D.M. Turner trade views on the personal phenomenological and aspects of psychedelic experiences. Sasha chimes in with some historical context. Dr. Hoffman relates some personal experiences.
She asks, "DMT?" (4 MB): Terence McKenna remind us that a sunrise ruby looks not unlike the reddish goo resulting from a mimosa hostilis DMT acid/base extraction. Also, the CIA experiments with LSD on human guinea pigs.
I was in cartoon land pretty quickly (1 MB): A brief piece in which caller relates his experience on some window pane LSD in the shower.
One of them was the ego death (14 MB): More call-in trip reports; Capra disscusses his appreciation for the human understanding of the wider situation. Dr. Grof relates his ego death as a connection to the dancing Shiva crushing the dwarf, and the experience of the void. Sasha discusses some details of 2C-B and ketamine pharmacology. More from Dr. Hoffman's on his first encounter.
Why is evil in the world? (2 MB): Dr. Grof discusses the inner human desire to experience the existence of evil.
Music sounds terrible (9 MB): This is the introduction to second January show: Sasha's trip report on 20 mg of DIPT leads off, and the then rest of the show is kicked off by Ozzie Bendix, young pothead nephew and troublesome ward of Crosley Bendix. Then we go right to the good Doctors Grof, Hoffman, and Weil, of course.
Bring us back with you (14 MB): Callers chime in with yet more of their experiences with all sorts of entheogens. Mr. Bendix is forced to chastise the callers repeatedly, unfortunately. This is not the drug bulletin board, this is the trip report! (What, are they on drugs or something?) Dr. Grof provides some thoughtful feedback
Doctor? Oh, Doctor? (6 MB): The Professor takes some questions and comments from callers on the diving into the harmonious sea of collective consciousness. Problems with scientifically investigating psychedelics in sterile clinical atmospheres. Sasha and D.M. Turner present some additional insight.
The archetypal river of time (15 MB): Here we get some input from a new source (a different tape of Grof). Sasha responds, and a rare female caller relates an LSD trip at the beach. Windowpane, yeah that's what it was, windowpane?
Exploding fans of light and color (4 MB): A caller discusses an excellent ayahuasca trip to the tune of some Latin-sounding guitarwork. Cruising through the universe with other participants who appeared as various animals, etc. More callers dosing acid, one of whom jumps into a pond full of scummy water.
It can turn into Hell and Heaven (2 MB): Now, more on unusual states of consciousness from Stan Grof. The linear concept of space is destroyed, the fetus in the womb becomes a whole galaxy as you move in the psychedelic property. What are my dimensions?
Stricken from the research program (4 MB): Doctors Weil and Hoffman tradeoff on good drugs, bad drugs, and the synthesis of LSD. Sasha expounds on the term psychedelic, and D.M. Turner expounds on the more exotic psychedelics. A caller reports having taken 800 micrograms of LSD 30 minutes ago.
Seeing God and the experience of No Exit (14 MB): The Professor reports on a high dose LSD trip as experienced at a young age.
Eee dee me jee by qa wa fu mi hee tay (5 MB): Terence McKenna sings an elves-inspired tune of sorts, very amusing.
Live trip report (4 MB): The caller who took 800 mcg of LSD reports back in after one hour. Sasha advises, and callers call, think they are going insane. We check back in with Grof, just for variety.
Ego suicide (3 MB): More on ego death from a caller, with some help from Hendrix. Mescaline-inspired police encounters by callers.
You smoke it (6 MB): Dr. Rick Strassman and Terence McKenna engage in a dialog explaining the relationship between the pineal gland and DMT, which is a near relative of psilocybin. McKenna on preliminary hypnogogia and tryptamines arriving at synaptic receptors.
I'll dose anyone the CIA wants me to dose (4 MB): Callers consist of spacey deadheads on mushrooms at the fair, others refuse to stay anonymous. Sasha and Weil check back in.
You've got eschatological fever (3 MB): McKenna has been infected by a retrovirus that operates not in space, but in time. Sasha on Ketamine and the psychological loosening that it allows. D.M. Turner's first LSD trip. The Professor discusses DMT, yoga, and the pineal gland.
The longing of the soul for the divine (4 MB): The story of being separated, Houston Smith and others. The mud of God: Some people jog, some people meditate, everyone has their own way of trying to see past the veil. Then you see somebody taking a pill?
Ever get dosed up? (3 MB): Ozzie Bendix and the Professor request more call-in trip reports. D.M. Turner on LSD and the breakup of minds and egos.
That seems to render the entire incident absurd (3 MB): McKenna's UFO theories, stropharia cubensis and the human mastery of time, space and matter. They are none too profound revelations. Grof and the taboo against knowing who you are.
The Sumerian underworld is Channel 26 (1 MB): Here we have some clips of - suprise! - Stan Grof, as he discusses electronics, with a response from the annoying aloha caller. caller.
Find your divinity (3 MB): The idea is that the cosmic artist will tend to enact all kinds of possibilities. Dr. Leary debates with Grof, hungers to communicate it. In order to create out of itself, the cosmic principal has to negate itself, resulting in the negative mirror image of the Satchitananda. In other words, how do you tell shit from shinola? McKenna tells us, from the center of the Amazon while on mushrooms.

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