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Monday, February 14, 2005

Fractal Software

Windows Fractal Programs

Tiera-zon This my favorite fractal program & the one I use the most. Special thanks to Stephen Ferguson for this great program! Stephen has many other fractal programs besides Tiera-zon that you may wish to try out.

Fractint/Winfract Fractint is one of the most widely used fractal programs. It uses a DOS format but can generate some beautiful images and the first fractals I saw were generated with this program. Winfract is the Windows version of the program. I believe this program can also be run on Mac or there is a version for that platform.(See below for more Mac software)

Ultra Fractal is currently one of the most popular programs and is widely used. One of the most popular features of this program is it's ability to "layer" fractal images. Shareware

Fractal Explorer is an excellent and popular freeware program to generate fractal images and animations. With FE you can generate polynomial/iteration sets (Mandelbrot/Julia/Newton-like), orbital fractals,
Iterated Function System (IFS), fractal landscapes and three-dimensional "strange" attractors.

Terry Gintz has several popular freeware fractal programs, Fractal ViZion, Fractal Zplot & Dofo-Zon. These programs are designed to create true-color fractals and videos using built-in formulas, 3D fractal types and random rendering methods

Kaos Rhei is a program for rendering fractal images which can be used in as stand-alone images, textures or bump maps for 3D rendering. It currently supports more than a dozen different fractal types. 256 color mode.
Fractal Forge Uberto Barbini's freeware program, also has a tutorial on site for it's use.

XaoS - Real-Time Fractal Zoomer XaoS is a fast portable real-time interactive fractal zoomer. It displays the Mandelbrot set (among other escape time fractals) and allows you zoom smoothly into the fractal.

Mind-Boggling Fractals is a fractal program created by Paul Carlson which is fast and easy to use for beginners. Shareware

Makin Magic is a 32-bit DOS freeware program created by Dave Makin.

Aros is a freeware fractal program. With Aros Fractals you can explore some classical fractal images at extremely high resolutions (physical size and color depths)

Fractal Map Generator This freeware program generates and manages .map files. Fractal programs such as Winfract and Fractint make use of .map files which contain RGB (red,green,blue) color values. This program provides a much quicker and more convenient means of generating and/or modifying .map files.

XenoDream This shareware program is unique in that it allows you to create 3D IFS fractals. You do not use formulas, instead you work with visual building blocks (called Holons) and conventional operations such as scale, rotation and position, creating what I call, "Fractal Scupltures". This program has an abundance of additional features including lighting effects, layers, metamorphs, filters etc. A very fun program!

Voxel Time Fractal Viewer is a freeware program created by Vittorio Accomazzi which uses "volume rendering" as a means to explore 3D fractals. Vittorio treats fractals like 3D images rather then as a surface. What he does is like having a CT which scans a fractal rather than a human body. The CT allows you to look inside the fractals ( and hence create a 3D image ).You can see an example of this in the following guest gallery: Fractal Art Guest Gallery IXNote: This site is currently down and this program may no longer be available.

Gimp is not a true fractal generator but it does have a flame plugin which enables you to make "very cool" flame fractals. Free program.

Apophysis is a free Windows program for designing Fractal Flames and IFS fractals. It is used with the Ultra Fractal program.

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