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Thursday, February 10, 2005


Inside 2004-2012 Solar Window
(June 2004 - December 2012)
By Will Hart

In an article published in AR, early in 2004, I presented the case that we are in the final leg of a solar cycle. I called the 8-year period from 2004 to 2012, ‘The Portal’. That article presented the results of 27 years of research into the Mayan calendar system, which led to investigations into the sunspot cycle, the transit of Venus and the their respective relationships to natural disasters.

The last pieces of the puzzle did not fall into place until 2002. That year, I finally realized that the 2012 end date of the Mayan calendar was also the peak of the next solar maximum and the second leg of the Venus Transit. Extensive research into the sunspot cycle had shown me that the 11-year solar maximums had multiple effects on the earth and on human beings. I found that everything from wars and natural disasters to fluctuations in the stock market move in tandem with the sunspot cycle.

Many other independent investigators had already reached similar conclusions. However, nobody that I was aware of had linked the Maya calendar and the 2012 forecast with the sunspot cycle and Venus Transit. The connection gave me a new insight into what the term ‘Solar Priest’ really meant and what the basis of the ancient science actually was. In fact, the Maya made their science very clear. It revolved around a cyclical passage of ages they called ‘Suns’ – a time period of about 5125 years- and according to their system of reckoning we are near the end of the Fifth Sun.

When I fit the transit of Venus into the calendar system I was struck by the fact that the ancient priests were aware of a periodic, astronomical event that western science only discovered 300 years ago. Was it an accident that they selected the exact year (2012) when a number of important cycles converge to end their Long Count (5125-year) calendar? No, that seemed too improbable a coincidence to chalk up to chance. But like any serious investigator I wanted proof. So I went back and examined the historical record to see if there was any association between the Venus Transit and natural disasters. (cont.)

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