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Thursday, February 10, 2005


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The Gnostic Society Library
Visit the Gnostic Society Library, a comprehensive library of Gnostic scriptures -- including the Nag Hammadi Library -- as well as a large selection of writings and documents relating to the study of Gnosticism. Also check the Gnostic Society Bookstore featuring the best current works on Gnosis and Gnosticism.
New in the Library: We have recently add a large new collection of resources dedicated to the Gospel of Thomas, and have completely reformatted the Nag Hammadi Library collection. An extensive new section on the Dead Sea Scrolls has also been added to the Library. In addition, the Gnostic Scriptures section has been reformatted and expanded.

What is Gnosticism?

Many visitors to the Archive have requested some basic introductory material explaining Gnosticism. To meet this need we offer these "places to start": two short articles, The Gnostic World View: A Brief Summary of Gnosticism and What is a Gnostic?; and two audio lecture on Gnosticism and its Legacy and the Gnostic concept of Christ: The Misunderstood Redeemer. For more in-depth reading suggestions visit the Gnostic Society Bookstore -- you will find offered there a selection of the best introductory and advanced books on Gnosticism, along with brief reviews of recommended books. And of course just "surfing" The Gnosis Archive will lead to a wealth of information. Blessings on your journey!

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