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Thursday, February 10, 2005


Paul Callan (Skeet Ulrich), a troubled and lonely investigator of modern miracles, has just discovered that "we're not alone down here." And that this may not be such a good thing.

During an investigation into the mysterious healing powers of a young boy named Tommy Ferguson, Paul is nearly killed in an unexpected accident - and only rescued at the last minute by Tommy's healing powers. But in those moments near death, Paul looks over to see his own blood forming the words "God is now here." Tommy heals him, but dies as a result - and Paul is faced with a greater quest than he ever imagined.

As Paul tries to understand the ramifications of what has happened to him, he is approached by Alva Keel (Angus Macfadyen), an enigmatic former Harvard professor and current investigator of the paranormal - and who may have the key to Paul's vision in blood. The men join forces, each feeling that the other possesses the key to a larger mystery - the rapidly growing numbers of "strange occurrences" now happening all over the world. These occurrences - and the visions of others in near death circumstances (whose visions differ from Paul's by a single space, seeing instead the words "God is Nowhere") - may in fact point to a frightening and deadly "large event" already on the horizon.

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