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Monday, February 07, 2005

NGC 3132: The Eight Burst Nebula

It's the dim star, not the bright one, near the center of NGC 3132 that created this odd but beautiful planetary nebula. Nicknamed the Eight-Burst Nebula and the Southern Ring Nebula, the glowing gas originated in the outer layers of a star like our Sun. In this representative color picture, the hot blue pool of light seen surrounding this binary system is energized by the hot surface of the faint star. Although photographed to explore unusual symmetries, it's the asymmetries that help make this planetary nebula so intriguing. Neither the unusual shape of the surrounding cooler shell nor the structure and placements of the cool filamentary dust lanes running across NGC 3132 are well understood.

How to Navigate the Streams of Time Through Hyperspace

The fundamental and unquestionable concepts of our civilization are Absolute Time, Absolute Space extending in three dimensions, Absolute Velocity, and Conservation. These realities are so self-evident to us that we are unable to perceive evidence to the contrary. We cannot believe that people in other times and places do not perceive time and space as we do. If we could see the everyday life of the Middle Ages, as it was experienced by the average person who lived then, we should regard the entire population of medieval Europe as paranoid schizophrenic. When Einstein proved that time, space, velocity, and conservation were not absolute but mutable, the heresy was allowed to exist only because it was expressed in a language defying all comprehension.

Modern inquisitors state that the psychedelic experience provides no insight into the nature of reality, as the mystic heretics claim; the psychedelic experience is nothing but the hallucinations of a disordered mind. But Einstein pointed out that it takes only a single contradictory fact of evidence to demolish a scientific theory. So of all the various psychedelic experiences, we need only one to prove that the prevailing concepts of reality must be profoundly mistaken. It is fairly common for freaks to experience time flowing backward. Now, for time to be experienced in retrograde, it is necessary that a person have a clear and continuous memory of the future. If the concept of absolute time is true, then it is absolutely impossible for anyone to experience a memory of the future, no matter how disordered his mind may be. Therefore, time cannot be absolute.

The speed of light is reached on all axes simultaneously when all the flow axes of the waves which create the standing wave rotate through a total of 540 degrees. At this point, the 3 axes of generation close from 180 degrees to zero degrees simultaneously; the standing wave disappears over the event horizon of a Black Hole at the speed of light, and jumps to infinite velocity. At the speed of light, the traveling body is transformed into pure radiation. When the information contained in that radiation flips into the Black Hole, the waves themselves explode in all directions into the quantum field in the form of virtual particles.



How to Build a Flying Saucer
And Other Proposals in Speculative Engineering

by T. B. Pawlicki
MEGALITHIC ENGINEERING: How to Build Stonehenge and the Pyramids with Bronze Age Technology
THIS CRYSTAL PLANET: How to Create a Worldwide Communications Network - Still Using Bronze Age Technology
BEYOND VELIKOVSKY: Einstein's Relativity Demostrated, Mining Pure Energy from Empty Space, and the Green Hills of Mars
HOW TO BUILD A FLYING SAUCER: After So Many Amateurs Have Failed
THE PHILOSOPHERS' STONE: How to Transmute the Elements by Engineering the Geometry of Standing Waves
TIME TRAVEL: How to Navigate the Streams of Time Through Hyperspace

T.B. Pawlicki's Hyperspace:The Universal Hologram

Hyperspace Reality
by Saul-Paul Sirag

A Brief History of Hyperspace

Albert Einstein in 1915 introduced the idea that gravity is to be explained as the warping of four-dimensional (4-d) spacetime. Whatever doubts physicists had - and there were many - about the reality of the 4-dimensionality of spacetime (as a unified geometrical whole which could be warped) were erased by the dramatic verification of Einstein's gravity theory (called the General Theory of Relativity) in 1919, when a group of British astronomers led by Arthur Eddington measured the bending of starlight grazing the sun during a solar eclipse. That same year, Theodore Kaluza, a Polish physicist, came up with the idea that not only the Einstein gravity theory but also electromagnetism, including the electromagnetic theory of light due to James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1979), could be derived from the assumption that spacetime is actually a warped 5-dimensional geometric structure. With Einstein's help, Kaluza's 5-d theory was published in 1921. (cont.)

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