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Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Leon Theremin was a Russian engineer who invented the electronic musical instrument that bears his name, and his story is as strange as the music the thing produces. After experimenting with radio vacuum tubes, Theremin developed a machine (1917-20) whose pitch and volume could be controlled by the movements of the performer's hands -- without touching the instrument.

The instrument was demonstrated for Vladimir Lenin, who was so impressed he ordered their mass production and asked Theremin to give him lessons. In 1927 Theremin emigrated to the United States, where he patented the "Thereminvox" (1928) and contracted with RCA to market and distribute them. During the '20s and '30s Theremin worked in New York and associated with high society, and his instrument gained fame thanks in part to the classical performances of Clara Rockmore. In 1938 Theremin mysteriously disappeared from his New York apartment, reportedly spirited away by a group of Russian men.

Beginning in the 1940s the Theremin was used for movie soundtracks, and these days is most commonly associated with 1950s science fiction films (and with the 1960s pop song by The Beach Boys, "Good Vibrations"). The instrument enjoyed fame in the U.S. and the U. K., but the whereabouts of its inventor remained a mystery. As it turns out, he had been kidnapped by the Soviet secret police, imprisoned for seven years and then put to work for Soviet intelligence. The story of his life and of the development of his electronic instruments was recounted in the 1993 documentary film

Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey.

While in New York, Theremin married Iavana Williams, an African-American ballet dancer... Theremins are still being produced today, in a variety of forms, notably by Robert Moog, inventor of electronic synthesizers. (Source)

Watch Documentary Trailer

Watch Termen play the Theremin

More Theremin infos, interviews, photos

posted by Nina Hollenberg  # 10:53 PM


Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Question Outdated Assumptions

Can energy conservation be derived from Newton's motion laws only?

posted by NEXUS  # 5:52 PM


Self-Organizing Systems are Autocatakinetic

Schrödinger's point was that as long as living things like flames (and all autocatakinetic systems) produce entropy (or minimize potentials) at a sufficient rate to compensate for their own internal ordering (their ordered persistence away from equilibrium) then the balance equation of the second law would not be violated.

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Explore lost civilizations, ancient ruins, sacred writings, unexplained artifacts, and science mysteries. Meet subject experts, find related books and resources.

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Crystal Skulls

Skulls are humanity's foremost symbol of death, and a powerful icon in the visual vocabularies of cultures all over the globe. Thirteen crystal skulls of apparently ancient origin have been found in parts of Mexico, Central America and South America, comprising one of the most fascinating subjects of 20th Century archaeology.


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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

DW Cooper memorial photos

DW's memorial gathering in the park was incredible. As I had predicted there were about twelve of us there. I showed up early and there was Don's longtime friend and Berkeley cabbie Richard, who apparently has known DW since 1971 and met him when he got here from Los Angeles and he was peddling his wares on Telegraph Ave. He and I were the first two people there and immediately got involved in swapping DW stories and setting up the table with our assorted potluck goodies.
[read more...]

posted by Joseph Matheny  # 1:27 PM


Monday, March 21, 2005


posted by NEXUS  # 11:59 PM


The Integratron

"The purpose of the Integratron is to recharge energy into living cell structure, to bring about longer life with youthful energy." --George Van Tassel, Builder of the Integratron
The Integratron is a powerful energy sitewhere you can discoverits mysterious history, extraordinary architecture, weird scienceand experience the amazing sound phenomenon.

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magic genie lamp

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Biefeld-Brown effect

Some people think that the Tesla coil might be related to this effect. In fact, when Tesla came to the USA he was supposedly carrying plans for a "flying machine". But the only thing the Tesla coil and the Biefeld-Brown effect have in common is that in both of them, high voltage plays a vital role.

posted by NEXUS  # 11:18 PM


Reality is made to be altered

Image hosted by

Reality does not exist apart from you and me. Although it seems to retain a changeless nature, that is merely the illusory consensus which our society clings to. And of course, our perceptions define reality, as do history and tradition, but we can also alter reality by physical, mental & arcane means.

posted by NEXUS  # 10:41 PM


Origin of Alphabets: Pure Geometry of Embedding- Donut Nests as Creation

The Ring - Alphabet of Angles into the Ring...of DNA.. Implosion
Why There are Letters (Alphabetic Elements of Symmetry) on the Ring..
Some series of 'alphabet of symmetry' tilt operations of spiral compression, must be the key to getting DNA into an implosive ring. Once DNA's fractal 'grail' nature as a charge compressor for fabricating gravity using capacitance waves fractally imploding - then genepools role in the birth of stars (angels / stargates) might be understood by physics. In the movie Stargate it was a crime punishable by death to learn alphabets. The movie was based on Ophanim alphabet (see below). Seems it still is a crime to teach alphabets true role in the waveguide physics of the origin of psychokinesis. (controversy below - much better explained than in "Pi" the movie).

posted by NEXUS  # 2:17 PM


Sacred Geometry

In nature, we find patterns, designs and structures from the most minuscule particles, to expressions of life discernible by human eyes, to the greater cosmos. These inevitably follow geometrical archetypes, which reveal to us the nature of each form and its vibrational resonances. They are also symbolic of the underlying metaphysical principle of the inseparable relationship of the part to the whole. It is this principle of oneness underlying all geometry that permeates the architecture of all form in its myriad diversity. This principle of interconnectedness, inseparability and union provides us with a continuous reminder of our relationship to the whole, a blueprint for the mind to the sacred foundation of all things created.

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The Book of Knowledge:
The Keys of Enoch

The purpose of The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch ® is to open the mind of man to new ideas, inviting you to share in the experience of the education of the soul. The Keys are a blueprint of the many levels of spiritual consciousness and are designed to bring you in touch with the meaning of Divine Intelligence.
[streaming audio]

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Reality is like an Opossum

Reality is like a mother opossum carrying her little baby opossums on her tail, i.e., the entire mental-virtual state is carried along as virtual constructs, nested cmfortably in the delta time portions of each photon. In the piece of time that is fissioned out of an action quantum to give observable change, there are a multitude of little pieces of time still attached to subquantum virtual state entites and hanging on, exactly like little baby opossums hanging on to their mother's tail with their own tails.

posted by NEXUS  # 11:17 AM


Ancient Manuscripts Found In Egyptian Monastery

A cache of manuscripts up to 1,500 years old has been discovered in a Coptic monastery in the Western Desert of Egypt.

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The Skycar

Moller International has developed the first and only feasible, personally affordable, personal vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) vehicle the world has ever seen.

No longer just movie fantasies, the future of personal transportation has arrived. The SkyCar, a cross between a traditional automobile and a personal aircraft, boasts big turbo engines, a fire-red body, and ultra-stylish looks.

You can now zip to work or play at a fraction of the time - traveling at up to 350+ miles per hour high off the ground. Keep your eye out for screaming, pointing pedestrians while driving in it.

... Jetsons cool-

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For those who like the thought of a pet, but don't want all the mess, fuss, and worry of a biological pet. Meet RoboDog, a clean, obedient, and extraordinarily intelligent robotic dog that is so technologically advanced, it moves with fluid grace, responds to voice commands, makes decisions, and learns objects and shapes and then remembers how to interact with them. The metallic tail-wagger, while not exactly cuddly, is the cutest hunk of metal out there.

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Chi-Chis for KoKo

News of the Weird reported in September on Koko, the gorilla that knows about a thousand words in American Sign Language, and in February, she was back in the news at her home at the Gorilla Foundation in Woodside, Calif. Two of Koko's female handlers filed a sex discrimination and wrongful discharge lawsuit against the foundation because its president, Francine Patterson, had allegedly pressured them to display their breasts to Koko in order to better "bond" with her. According to the lawsuit, Patterson herself had been bonding with Koko for quite some time and thought Koko needed a little variety. [San Francisco Chronicle, 2-18-05]

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Sunday, March 20, 2005

D.W. Cooper
Memorial Service
Sunday, March 20, 2005
2:00pm - 5:00pm

East Bay Regional Park District

A memorial service and potluck will be held at Tilden Park in the East Bay Regional Park from 2:00pm - 5:00pm.
When planning directions, make sure to use the Wildcat Canyon Rd. entrance. Mapquest has difficulty finding the exact location, however this map is very close to the area and can be used to create accurate directions. Signs will pe posted in this area for guidance to the memorial site.

posted by NEXUS  # 2:00 PM


Thursday, March 17, 2005


a. The surface generated by a straight line, the generator, passing through a fixed point, the vertex, and moving along a fixed curve, the directrix.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Tonite 3/15: KPFA 'No Other Radio' ::: LIVE at Midnite :::
Tune in at 11:59pm (PST) ::: RADIO: 94.1 FM / Berkeley CA
Tune in and listen (live internet stream)

(Shout-outs planned in memory of DW COOPER)

(in case you can't listen live)

Our good friend (and longtime BCO band-member) Rob Wortman will be bringing along several rare Tuxedomoon records and cassettes from his personal collection. For anyone interested, Tuxedomoon is currently on tour and will be performing at Cafe duNord (San Francisco) this Saturday 3/19.

You can find more details about the band and current news at their website:

dAS will be your host, and I will be there trance-ing out to rhythm of the blinking lights and twiddling knobs...

Station call line: (510) 848-4425

Since 1981, No Other Radio Network has pioneered and provided a forum for underground, noise, electronic, industrial, psycho acoustic and many other genres of music, in addition to featuring live interviews and performance over the airwaves.

We welcome artists to send us their works.

Archived playlists from all ubuibi-hosted N.O.R. shows are available at ubuibi

posted by Joseph Matheny  # 8:50 AM


Friday, March 11, 2005

In Memoriam

David Jenkins

Legendary Berkeley Iconoclast And Street Vendor Dies Suddenly

BERKELEY, CA – (March 11, 2005) – Don (DW) Cooper, the Berkeley iconoclast and street vendor, died suddenly on Thursday afternoon, March 3rd. DW was for many years a part of the Institute for the Study of Consciousness founded by Arthur M. Young, inventor of the Bell Helicopter. The Institute was an intellectual hotspot of the ‘70s in Berkeley where the artistic, mystical, Gnostic and downright hallucinatory fermented with the scientific precision of Young and others. In that milieu, DW was a Baconian who pondered the possibilities of multiple universes and its consequences. His social inspiration came from his love of President John F. Kennedy and his concern for the truth about Kennedy’s assassination was on-going. In his later years, DW took to the internet with great delight. Under the pseudonym Ray Flanolanger, he engaged in arcane disputes spreading wit and mischievous confusion across the web. His blog, The Invisible College ( delighted, titillated and enraged in roughly equal proportions. Don was a fixture selling his jewelry outside Spenger’s restaurant on Fourth Street. He leaves behind his soulmate and companion of 20 years, Crystal Mitchell, and many friends. A memorial picnic will be held near Lake Anza in Tilden Park, Berkeley, on March 20th from 2 -5pm.

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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Requiescat In Pace --- D. W. Cooper

He will certainly be missed. Love ya, Bro, will do it

up nice for ya.

Note: After the shock wears off we'll make information available about where to send cards, flowers, condolences, etc. as well as a fitting tribute here on the web. We'll also be archiving all of the Invisible College in a permanent place.

Others take note:

Also, a newspaper memorial and a radio shout out coming up soon.

posted by NEXUS  # 1:15 PM


sending lightbeams...

Image hosted by

A dear friend and kindred spirit, DW Cooper, known to a lot of us from our cybertravels in and through forums and blogs such as the incredibly-inspirational and informative Invisible College Forum, The Blind Spot and the erotic and tantrically-charged Sleepytime Cafe has gone from the Earthly plane and is now travelling onto his next big adventure.

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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

In Loving Memory of DW Cooper

The Way of the Fool is the way of the independent traveler on he Path of Initiation. Such a traveler may study under a variety of masters, yet will strive always to preserve his or her own identity and rarely undertakes vows of silence which will bind him or her to a particular school or teaching.

The most enduring arcane image of this wandering Fool is that found on the early Tarot cards... [Hedsel, 2000]

* * *
Fool's Walk - 0 - The Fool

I'm apricot dawn and adamant noon,
quicksilver chameleon, full howl at the moon.

Prince Frog-In-The-Well, glad jack of no trade,
a walkabout madman, I'm beds left unmade.

Diamond-draped beggar, coyote's sharp bark;
I'm merry-go-lightly and bells in the dark.

I'm zero that circles all that will be.
I'm newborn and know-naught,
I'm spirit set free.

A Stranger from Spaceland

After a harrowing but eye-opening adventure in Spaceland, A Square awakes on New Year's Day, 2000, refreshed and filled with an evangelical fervor to proclaim and propagate the Gospel of Three Dimensions. Sadly, no one takes him seriously, and he ends up in prison for his beliefs.
Through mathematical analogy, Abbott sought to show that establishing scientific truth requires a leap of faith and that, conversely, miracles can be explained in terms that don’t necessarily violate physical laws. Miracles could be shadows of phenomena beyond everyday experience or intrusions from higher dimensions, he argued. Flatland raises the fundamental question of how to

deal with something transcendental, especially when recognizing that you would never be able to grasp its full nature and meaning. Mathematicians face such a challenge when they venture into higher dimensions (see . How do they see multidimensional objects? How do they organize their observations and concepts? How do they communicate their insights?

* * *
"Suppose there is even something vaguely teleological about the effects of consciousness, so that a future impression might affect a past action."
Emperor's New Mind, p.212

* * *

"Based on a time-clustered set of orthogonal 4-spaces selected from Everett's many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics, a model of both mind and matter can be constructed. A mind becomes a complete 3-dimensional physical world, three or more orthogonal spatial turns (rotations) away from the time dimension." Tom Bearden
* * *

"Human beings hold within themselves the keys to their own growth, both as individuals and as a species." -- Raghavan Iyer
* * *
Tibetan tulpas

The image “ 'Gods, demons, the whole universe, are but a mirage which exists in the mind, springs from it and sinks into it'. In Evans-Wentz's words, 'Matter is a development of thought, crystallized mental energy'."

"The term 'mandala' is a Tibetan term meaning 'magic circle' and refers to ritual diagrams or objects employed in meditation for the purpose of reuniting the devotee with the cosmos."
"From the spirit of the mystic who is absorbed in the contemplation which transports him on to the plane of eternal existence, there blazes forth, shining round about, the divine matrices of an immense mobile mandala."
- Giuseppe Tucci, The Theory and Practice of the Mandala
* * *

Line of toroidinos

Existence of Higher dimensional space & Perception of time
The observation that spatial dimensionality is limited to three dimensions has been for long a
Casimir effect
puzzle to scientists. Our mathematics do not limit us to three dimensions. Why are there only
three dimensions? We are 3D observers, and this makes it easy for us to conceive the observed reality as 3D. We can also quite easily conceive a 2D universe as a subset of our 3D universe, and we see how complex the explanations can get in a 2D universe, for events we find simple in our 3-D universe.

The relativity theory made spatial dimensionality elastic. The space-time continuum was conceived. Four dimensional space-time was proposed and attempts to visualize a 4-D space, as an extension of our 3-D world, became popular. We talk about 3-D space being curved around some 4-D sphere like the atmosphere around the earth.

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