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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

In Loving Memory of DW Cooper

The Way of the Fool is the way of the independent traveler on he Path of Initiation. Such a traveler may study under a variety of masters, yet will strive always to preserve his or her own identity and rarely undertakes vows of silence which will bind him or her to a particular school or teaching.

The most enduring arcane image of this wandering Fool is that found on the early Tarot cards... [Hedsel, 2000]

* * *
Fool's Walk - 0 - The Fool

I'm apricot dawn and adamant noon,
quicksilver chameleon, full howl at the moon.

Prince Frog-In-The-Well, glad jack of no trade,
a walkabout madman, I'm beds left unmade.

Diamond-draped beggar, coyote's sharp bark;
I'm merry-go-lightly and bells in the dark.

I'm zero that circles all that will be.
I'm newborn and know-naught,
I'm spirit set free.

A Stranger from Spaceland

After a harrowing but eye-opening adventure in Spaceland, A Square awakes on New Year's Day, 2000, refreshed and filled with an evangelical fervor to proclaim and propagate the Gospel of Three Dimensions. Sadly, no one takes him seriously, and he ends up in prison for his beliefs.
Through mathematical analogy, Abbott sought to show that establishing scientific truth requires a leap of faith and that, conversely, miracles can be explained in terms that don’t necessarily violate physical laws. Miracles could be shadows of phenomena beyond everyday experience or intrusions from higher dimensions, he argued. Flatland raises the fundamental question of how to

deal with something transcendental, especially when recognizing that you would never be able to grasp its full nature and meaning. Mathematicians face such a challenge when they venture into higher dimensions (see . How do they see multidimensional objects? How do they organize their observations and concepts? How do they communicate their insights?

* * *
"Suppose there is even something vaguely teleological about the effects of consciousness, so that a future impression might affect a past action."
Emperor's New Mind, p.212

* * *

"Based on a time-clustered set of orthogonal 4-spaces selected from Everett's many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics, a model of both mind and matter can be constructed. A mind becomes a complete 3-dimensional physical world, three or more orthogonal spatial turns (rotations) away from the time dimension." Tom Bearden
* * *

"Human beings hold within themselves the keys to their own growth, both as individuals and as a species." -- Raghavan Iyer
* * *
Tibetan tulpas

The image “ 'Gods, demons, the whole universe, are but a mirage which exists in the mind, springs from it and sinks into it'. In Evans-Wentz's words, 'Matter is a development of thought, crystallized mental energy'."

"The term 'mandala' is a Tibetan term meaning 'magic circle' and refers to ritual diagrams or objects employed in meditation for the purpose of reuniting the devotee with the cosmos."
"From the spirit of the mystic who is absorbed in the contemplation which transports him on to the plane of eternal existence, there blazes forth, shining round about, the divine matrices of an immense mobile mandala."
- Giuseppe Tucci, The Theory and Practice of the Mandala
* * *

Line of toroidinos

Existence of Higher dimensional space & Perception of time
The observation that spatial dimensionality is limited to three dimensions has been for long a
Casimir effect
puzzle to scientists. Our mathematics do not limit us to three dimensions. Why are there only
three dimensions? We are 3D observers, and this makes it easy for us to conceive the observed reality as 3D. We can also quite easily conceive a 2D universe as a subset of our 3D universe, and we see how complex the explanations can get in a 2D universe, for events we find simple in our 3-D universe.

The relativity theory made spatial dimensionality elastic. The space-time continuum was conceived. Four dimensional space-time was proposed and attempts to visualize a 4-D space, as an extension of our 3-D world, became popular. We talk about 3-D space being curved around some 4-D sphere like the atmosphere around the earth.

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