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Monday, March 21, 2005

Origin of Alphabets: Pure Geometry of Embedding- Donut Nests as Creation

The Ring - Alphabet of Angles into the Ring...of DNA.. Implosion
Why There are Letters (Alphabetic Elements of Symmetry) on the Ring..
Some series of 'alphabet of symmetry' tilt operations of spiral compression, must be the key to getting DNA into an implosive ring. Once DNA's fractal 'grail' nature as a charge compressor for fabricating gravity using capacitance waves fractally imploding - then genepools role in the birth of stars (angels / stargates) might be understood by physics. In the movie Stargate it was a crime punishable by death to learn alphabets. The movie was based on Ophanim alphabet (see below). Seems it still is a crime to teach alphabets true role in the waveguide physics of the origin of psychokinesis. (controversy below - much better explained than in "Pi" the movie).

posted by NEXUS  # 2:17 PM


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