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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Hidden Mysteries

IF YOU DON'T LIKE WHAT'S HAPPENING IN YOUR LIFE, YOU CAN FIX IT. You can fix it without cheating anyone, without counseling with experts, without subscribing to any newsletter that keeps you posted on inside info, without writing Washington or getting involved in politics, without organizing, and without spending a penny unless you choose to.

Dream worlds are hard to leave. Even painful dream worlds are hard to leave. They're especially hard to leave when the dream makers tell us that leaving the dream world may be catastrophic. Many people actually prefer the ideasphere to reality, not caring that they are denying their whole selves pleasures of incredible intensity, pleasures and abilities truly "undreamed of." These people, and they are among our most respected citizens, are fully trained to believe in the life broadcast in the ideasphere, and they believe it can't get much better than it is. They'll never come around to reality until they must.

This little tome can only switch on the lights for people who are already tossing and turning under a terrifying yet fascinating nightmare. Suddenly, you bolt awake and there are your walls, the pictures, the lamps, the quilt, the soft breathing of your family. What had been twisting your body and mind was nothing but ideas, and they scamper away as soon as you open your eye to the glowing warmth of the real world.

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