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Wednesday, April 20, 2005


I entered the darkened room, sat down by the door and got ready to be bored. Heard the laughter coming from the room next door and before I had time to resent being where I was I looked up and saw on the overhead projector a diagram of sound frequencies which I felt I'd been looking forward to seeing all my life. Next came a warm wavelike wind over my entire body. My attention was captured and synapses were popping as Dale proceeded to describe the vibratory resolution of paradox to which the machine was tuned. I scrambled to diagram the triplicate pattern of longitude, circle and spiral, recognizing it as evidence of what I'd experienced 6 months before in China as I was attending a 2nd level Chi gong workshop. It was at the point where I was experiencing the transfer of chi through walls. When I woke from my flashback, I was listening to a Chinese physist talking about yin and yang, his accent took me further toward recognizing that I was in a moment, right now, in this lecture, that I was meant to be and there were forces, which I could tangibly feel, which were bringing me into harmony. Resolving conflicts in my past, gifting me with peace in the moment and cultivating a pathway I could follow with ease, if I continued to recognized the prescence of awareness that I was experiencing.

While I sat and listened to the rest of the lecture I witnessed internal shifts and shakes that I knew was surpassing anything I'd experienced during the conference so far. By the end of the lecture I was propelled to go stand by the machine. In the harsh light of the overhead reflecting off the machine back into a circle of frowning, somewhat frustrated, inquisitive scientific faces, I blurted out "Why doesn't it make sound?" The scientist on the other side of the dynasphere, blinked but continued with his technical question. I noticed Dale was very relaxed and I checked myself for overload...even if it was out of excitement. There was a strong feeling that this kind of happiness and release just couldn't be possible from a machine...not for me...but the sensation was close to overwhelming. When I went over to the exhibition room to get a look at the machine again a sweet lady whispered to me...if you stand on this side the effect is even more powerful.

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