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Wednesday, June 29, 2005


"There is a phenomenon known to some paranormal experiencers that is unique in its mystery. Very little is known or understood about how the so-called interdimensional doorway works, yet it is a recurring theme in human/ET contact. Yet, even among those who have these experiences, the doorway or tunnel as it is sometimes referred to, very little is discussed."

Shar's Doorway Story in her own words
"We were taken to this place to 'play'. One of my favorite games was to
find the 'invisible door'. We would each be given instructions through
thought and then we had to set off to find the door. It was an exercise in
our mental abilities, and so much fun."

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Pluto Caves under Mt. Shasta

"During Mount Shasta's many eruptions lava oozed slowly over the landscape, filly gullies and narrow valley. The outer edges cooled more quickly leaving hollow lava shells called lava tubes. Pluto Caves are an easily accessible example of the thousands of lava tubes, many undiscovered or kept secret, which pepper the landscape in the Sacred Mountain Region. Pluto Cave has held sacred significance for Native American Tribes for hundreds of years."

According to StarseedGatherings, "Pluto Caves-- is a very ancient sacred site where many people from all cultures have had strange and mystical experiences. It is also beleived by many to be an inter-dimensional doorway to the world of spirit as well as a holding place of unusual inner-earth energies. These caves were home to inter-tribal Native American groups. The land around the cave is sacred to the Native Americans who still come here occasionally to pray and hold ceremony. At one time the caves were busy with tribal life. The main cave was used for community living; the cave to its right was used for child birthing events. There are burial grounds nearby as well. These are distinguishable by a grouping of shallow holes dug into the ground. This inter-tribal group of Native Americans were known to travel through these underground tubes from as far away as Oregon. There are many mysteries and legends of underground passageways that lead to Mt Shasta and other far-away sacred sites. Vision quests are very common here and the Lemurians have been known to frequent this area. Many have seen mysterious people vanishing into hidden parts of this vast and unchartered cave network."

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Sunday, June 26, 2005

VRIL Generator

By the simple contact of the three fingers and thumb of the hand on the VRIL Generator a transformer coil, an electrical connection is formed. This transformer cycles and recycles life giving light energy (VRIL) into the human body, awakening, realigning, balancing, re-tuning and healing the physical at the deep chemical and atomic levels. Through continual contact with the VRIL Generator the amperage of light energy is increased over and over again. The body human and the VRIL Generator coordinate a frequency that harmonizes with the user, and allows the user to enter realms once undiscovered. These realms we describe as the Subterranean Kingdoms of Light, deep in the Crystalline Grid surrounding the Earth’s Core. Wherein lays the Supreme Center of Self, which coordinates, controls and inspires life throughout the planet and to the Central Sun, center of All Self Awareness in Immortal Consciousness. The Doorway to Immortal Consciousness, One with Shiva, the mulit-dimensional states.

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Planetary Mysteries

"Where Art and Science CONNECT!"

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Saturday, June 25, 2005

The Origin of the Lemurian Legend

Perhaps the most popular example of Mount Shasta lore, and a legend involving the first claim by non-Native Americans for a spiritual connection with the mountain, concerns the mystical brotherhood believed to roam through jeweled corridors deep inside the mountain. According to Miesse, 'In the mid-19th Century paleontologists coined the term 'Lemuria' to describe a hypothetical continent, bridging the Indian Ocean, which would have explained the migration of lemurs from Madagascar to India. "


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Lemurian subterranean city of Telos beneath Mount Shasta

"Strange lights and sounds are often seen or heard on the mountain. Lenticular clouds, shadows and outstanding sunsets add to the mystical aura of the mountain. Several tunnels stretch far into the interior of this majestic mountain. Mount Shasta is also the home of the present-day Lemurians, survivors of the sinking of the continent of Lemuria over 12,000 years ago. Yes, our Lemurian brothers and sisters are real; they are well and physically alive, living in the subterranean city of 'Telos' underneath sacred Mount Shasta."

Hollow Earth - Agartha
The Lost Lemuria
Maps of Lemuria

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LSD: A Psychedelic Hyperdimension

LSD, or lysergic acid diethylamide-25, is one of the most potent mind-altering chemicals known to man. The discovery of LSD is attributed to Dr. Albert Hofmann, a German scientist. Initial testing of the chemical in 1938 did not lead to any striking new finding, and research was discontinued. Five years later, on April 16, 1943, Hofmann re-synthesized the compound to do further research. To his surprise, he discovered the psychoactive hallucinogenic properties of the drug, apparently by absorbing a small amount through his fingertips."

posted by NEXUS  # 5:01 AM


We move thousand times faster than light – it happens all the time

"We move a thousand times faster than light – it happens all the time
Theoretical traditional physics makes it impossible to travel faster than light. But it happens all the time with all of us. Our mind traverses through higher dimensions thousands and may be millions of time faster than the light. In the parallel Universes, the three dimensions do not exist. Traversing from point A to B can be instantaneous no matter how far A and B is from each other."

posted by NEXUS  # 4:32 AM


Scientists Confirm Unexpected Gulf Stream Slowing

CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY- Scientists have confirmed that the Gulf Stream is weakening, and this is likely to bring much colder temperatures to Europe within a few years. The weakening is significant: the Gulf Stream is flowing at a quarter of the strength that was present five years ago.
The weakening of the Gulf Stream is destabilizing currents worldwide, and will lead to radical climate changes in other areas. The nature of these changes is not known, and the current US administration has blocked US environmental agencies from studying the phenomenon, so the severity of its effect in this country is not under study. However, it is likely that the eastern US and eastern Canada will experience climate change as radical as that in Europe, as the Gulf Stream drops south. At the least, food production and liveability in the eastern half of North America will be severely challenged.
Scientists are currently assuming that the Gulf Stream will slow and stop over a period of years, not suddenly, as predicted in Superstorm and portrayed in the Day After Tomorrow.

posted by NEXUS  # 4:21 AM


Ancient Egyptian Electricity

It is a widespread belief in alternative science that our forefathers possessed a much greater technological knowledge than our schoolbook science is willing to accept. Many of those theories are lacking serious foundation and are often based on overdrawn speculations. But the theory that electricity was known and used in antiquity seems to rest on a much more stable foundation.
In this temple in Dendera, several dozens of kilometers north of Luxor, some experts found the light. A Norwegian electrical engineer noticed that the object shown on the relief on top of this page coud work as a lamp. An Austrian colleague was able to construct a working model, and two well known authors in the AAS, Peter Krassa and Rainer Habeck, could even work out a real theory based on it.
What we see is without question a form of bulb, with two arms reaching into it near its thick end, and a sort of cable at the other end, from where a snake is leaping out to touch the arms on the other side. The whole ensemble really looks like a lamp.

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Riddle of 'Baghdad's batteries'

It was in 1938, while working in Khujut Rabu, just outside Baghdad in modern day Iraq, that German archaeologist Wilhelm Konig unearthed a five-inch-long (13 cm) clay jar containing a copper cylinder that encased an iron rod. The vessel showed signs of corrosion, and early tests revealed that an acidic agent, such as vinegar or wine had been present. More than 60 years after their discovery, the batteries of Baghdad - as there are perhaps a dozen of them - are shrouded in myth. Most sources date the batteries to around 200 BC - in the Parthian era, circa 250 BC to AD 225. Skilled warriors, the Parthians were not noted for their scientific achievements.

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Egypt unveils 2,500-year-old tomb

BAHARIYA, Egypt - Archaeologists unveiled Sunday the tomb of a member of a powerful family that governed a swath of western Egypt about 2,500 years ago, along with a dozen recently discovered mummies from Roman times.
The mummies are among 400-500 located thus far in what Egypt has dubbed the Valley of the Golden Mummies — grounds where thousands were believed entombed."

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New model 'permits time travel

Researchers speculate that time travel can occur within a kind of feedback loop where backwards movement is possible, but only in a way that is "complementary" to the present.
In other words, you can pop back in time and have a look around, but you cannot do anything that will alter the present you left behind.
The new model, which uses the laws of quantum mechanics, gets rid of the famous paradox surrounding time travel.

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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Origins of Alchemy

Sumerian Hunting Scene

Sumerian hunting scene awaiting arrival of rocket ship in upper half. Lower half depicts flying chariot shuttle having landed. A god is standing by in the middle.

The peoples of ancient civilization, Sumerians, Egyptians, Akkadians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Hittites, Hebrews etc., in their sacred writings all describe gods that physically dwelt on earth. This was aside from their writ­ings on philosophy and mysticism. According to the Sumerians these gods came from the planet Nibiru, “planet of the crossing;”
However when the Lofty Ones came to Earth their lifespans began to sync with Earth’s faster orbit and they faced rapid aging compared to that on Nibiru. Einstein’s theory of General Relativity says celestial body gravity and motion warps local space/time. They discovered that by eating food from their home planet they could keep the aging process synced to the pace of Nibiru.
And so humanity missed out on immortality until the sons of the gods fell in love with the daughters of men, married them and had children by them. Then not wanting their lovers to die they taught them the secrets of immortal­ity that Ea had discovered. Those secrets were the secrets of alchemy. Ea’s youngest son was Ningizzida, Lord of the Tree of Truth, in Mesopotamia. He was revered as Thoth in Egypt and Hermes in the West.
By the beginning of the current era philosophers had removed the physical existence of the gods to the abstract, implying their powers were aspects of spiritual phenomena coincident to the forces of Nature. The early alchemists of that time period still claimed like the ancient priests before them, that the knowledge they possessed was a gift from the gods, and their pursuit of immortality was in emulation of the gods’ pursuit of immortality.

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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Prophet YahwehProphet Yahweh

"After Prophet had a dream, in 1999, instructing him to move to Las Vegas, he left Los Angeles and relocated there. It was on August 1, 1999 that Prophet Yahweh began his cable TV show in Las Vegas called: 'Prophet Yahweh – Ufologist.' In addition to his charitable works, he claims to have resurrected the lost, ancient art of summoning UFOs and actual spaceships on command. He says that over 1,500 sightings have appeared to him since 1979.."

Excerpts from the Coast to Coast AM - May 30 2005 - Hour 4 Interview:
"... Ever since I was a child I been hearing this voice... it told me to change my name to Prophet Yahweh... I said no way... but then one day it dawned on me that They wanted this done... all of a sudden this strange thought voice came over me..."
"... Why summon? Because that's what They want. They, as you all know, have been trying gently to awake humanity up to their presence... without causing just a full scale alert and without creating a new cult or religion in the process..."
"... I'm being told what to do. You know, If I had my way, man- I would have... I would be a lot better off in life than what I am. I'm trying to follow the directions of a soft steel voice in my head. IT's telling me what to do. I haven't taken iniative to do anything. I've been trying to find ways out of this- for years."

Who is the voice?
Is it one voice or many?
Where is it coming from?

Interestingly, in VALIS by Philip K. Dick, communication with VALIS is described in a very similar manner. As a mechanical metalic tinny voice.

posted by NEXUS  # 8:47 PM


Miracle Water

Image hosted by

"Can a dash of electrically charged liquid heal life-threatening burns and wounds?
File this under hard to believe: researchers at Oculus Innovative Sciences, a small biotech based in Petaluma, Calif., have developed a kind of superwater that kills bacteria, viruses, mold and spores at rates comparable to any antiseptic agent on the market but without the toxic side effects of bleach, alcohol and iodine.

Even more remarkable, but yet to be proven to U.S. drug regulators, is the effect that the clear liquid, called Microcyn, has on burns and chronic wounds. With the application of Microcyn, Oculus says, diabetic foot ulcers are healing for the first time ever, and kids with burns are leaving the hospital faster.

Microcyn™ technology is based on a revolutionary electrolysis process that creates a super-oxidized water, which unlike electrolysis technologies of the past, delivers a solution with a minimum shelf life of one year, thus rendering Microcyn™-formulated products shelf stable and easily accessed in nearly any environment. This means the exciting properties of super-oxidized water can now be integrated into a comprehensive wound management regimen without major capital investment for manufacturing equipment and staff.

A second area of scientific advance, Oculus’ L3 oncology compound, is a patented and non-toxic compound that inhibits the proliferation of tumor cells in a wide array of cancers including small lung carcinomas, cervical and melanoma."

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