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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Miracle Water

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"Can a dash of electrically charged liquid heal life-threatening burns and wounds?
File this under hard to believe: researchers at Oculus Innovative Sciences, a small biotech based in Petaluma, Calif., have developed a kind of superwater that kills bacteria, viruses, mold and spores at rates comparable to any antiseptic agent on the market but without the toxic side effects of bleach, alcohol and iodine.

Even more remarkable, but yet to be proven to U.S. drug regulators, is the effect that the clear liquid, called Microcyn, has on burns and chronic wounds. With the application of Microcyn, Oculus says, diabetic foot ulcers are healing for the first time ever, and kids with burns are leaving the hospital faster.

Microcyn™ technology is based on a revolutionary electrolysis process that creates a super-oxidized water, which unlike electrolysis technologies of the past, delivers a solution with a minimum shelf life of one year, thus rendering Microcyn™-formulated products shelf stable and easily accessed in nearly any environment. This means the exciting properties of super-oxidized water can now be integrated into a comprehensive wound management regimen without major capital investment for manufacturing equipment and staff.

A second area of scientific advance, Oculus’ L3 oncology compound, is a patented and non-toxic compound that inhibits the proliferation of tumor cells in a wide array of cancers including small lung carcinomas, cervical and melanoma."

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