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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Pluto Caves under Mt. Shasta

"During Mount Shasta's many eruptions lava oozed slowly over the landscape, filly gullies and narrow valley. The outer edges cooled more quickly leaving hollow lava shells called lava tubes. Pluto Caves are an easily accessible example of the thousands of lava tubes, many undiscovered or kept secret, which pepper the landscape in the Sacred Mountain Region. Pluto Cave has held sacred significance for Native American Tribes for hundreds of years."

According to StarseedGatherings, "Pluto Caves-- is a very ancient sacred site where many people from all cultures have had strange and mystical experiences. It is also beleived by many to be an inter-dimensional doorway to the world of spirit as well as a holding place of unusual inner-earth energies. These caves were home to inter-tribal Native American groups. The land around the cave is sacred to the Native Americans who still come here occasionally to pray and hold ceremony. At one time the caves were busy with tribal life. The main cave was used for community living; the cave to its right was used for child birthing events. There are burial grounds nearby as well. These are distinguishable by a grouping of shallow holes dug into the ground. This inter-tribal group of Native Americans were known to travel through these underground tubes from as far away as Oregon. There are many mysteries and legends of underground passageways that lead to Mt Shasta and other far-away sacred sites. Vision quests are very common here and the Lemurians have been known to frequent this area. Many have seen mysterious people vanishing into hidden parts of this vast and unchartered cave network."

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