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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Prophet YahwehProphet Yahweh

"After Prophet had a dream, in 1999, instructing him to move to Las Vegas, he left Los Angeles and relocated there. It was on August 1, 1999 that Prophet Yahweh began his cable TV show in Las Vegas called: 'Prophet Yahweh – Ufologist.' In addition to his charitable works, he claims to have resurrected the lost, ancient art of summoning UFOs and actual spaceships on command. He says that over 1,500 sightings have appeared to him since 1979.."

Excerpts from the Coast to Coast AM - May 30 2005 - Hour 4 Interview:
"... Ever since I was a child I been hearing this voice... it told me to change my name to Prophet Yahweh... I said no way... but then one day it dawned on me that They wanted this done... all of a sudden this strange thought voice came over me..."
"... Why summon? Because that's what They want. They, as you all know, have been trying gently to awake humanity up to their presence... without causing just a full scale alert and without creating a new cult or religion in the process..."
"... I'm being told what to do. You know, If I had my way, man- I would have... I would be a lot better off in life than what I am. I'm trying to follow the directions of a soft steel voice in my head. IT's telling me what to do. I haven't taken iniative to do anything. I've been trying to find ways out of this- for years."

Who is the voice?
Is it one voice or many?
Where is it coming from?

Interestingly, in VALIS by Philip K. Dick, communication with VALIS is described in a very similar manner. As a mechanical metalic tinny voice.

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