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Sunday, June 26, 2005

VRIL Generator

By the simple contact of the three fingers and thumb of the hand on the VRIL Generator a transformer coil, an electrical connection is formed. This transformer cycles and recycles life giving light energy (VRIL) into the human body, awakening, realigning, balancing, re-tuning and healing the physical at the deep chemical and atomic levels. Through continual contact with the VRIL Generator the amperage of light energy is increased over and over again. The body human and the VRIL Generator coordinate a frequency that harmonizes with the user, and allows the user to enter realms once undiscovered. These realms we describe as the Subterranean Kingdoms of Light, deep in the Crystalline Grid surrounding the Earth’s Core. Wherein lays the Supreme Center of Self, which coordinates, controls and inspires life throughout the planet and to the Central Sun, center of All Self Awareness in Immortal Consciousness. The Doorway to Immortal Consciousness, One with Shiva, the mulit-dimensional states.

posted by NEXUS  # 4:37 AM


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