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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Conspiracy Planet - Beyond the Beyond - Time Travel: John Titor's Startling Predictions

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Time Travel: John Titor's Startling Predictions When the civil conflict got worse, people generally decided to either stay in the cities and lose most of their civil rights under the guise of security, or leave the cities for more isolated and rural areas. The conflict consumed everyone in the U.S. by 2012 and ended with a very short World War III.

How can we survive the war?

If you want to survive the coming conflict, learn to let fear keep you alive. Too many of you turn off the life-saving natural instincts and premonitions when it’s convenient. The same person who has five dead-bolt locks on their door will think nothing about getting into a parking-garage elevator with a total stranger. If you want to live, keep your eyes open."

How Time Travel Will Work
Northwestern University on Time Travel
Time Travel and Parallel Universes
Travelling Through the 4th Dimension

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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Master Key to the Universe
Reflections from the Nexus

In Bible Code II Michael Drosnin explains that the Hebrew bible in its original hebrew is actually a coded document that reveals the location of an obelisk buried beneath the dead sea in the Lisan Peninsula. He decoded several fragments revealing various bleak predictions of the future. He goes on to discover that in Hebrew, Lisan means tongue, language, and eventually surmises that the obelisk is of extraterrestrial or hyperterrestrial orgion, that buried within it, someone referred to as the "Lord of the Code", altered human DNA to include a language gene that came from what is concieved of as God- a hyperdimensional consciousness.

While reading Drosnin is definately entertaining, it did get the wheels turning in sort of another direction. I began wondering if there was an esoteric aspect to language and creation. Of course there is, the first words of the Christian bible refer to the Logos, the first Intention, that manifested the Universe. As I started diggin, I found that in addition to esoteric aspects of language, there are whole mainstream fields of study dedicated to language, especially in philosophy, psychology, and artificial intelligence.

According to the western world view, language is indeed what separates man from beast. It is generally believed, that language leads to the faster transmission of knowledge, society, social structures, etc., that has allowed mankind to progress as a species. Among the several theories regarding language, the Rescorla-Wagner theory suggests that without an appropriate word to describe a concept or perception, that an object or event, is either not percieved at all, incabable of being classified and thus remembered by the individual, or at the very least not capable of being transmitted throughout society. This is something like the Eskimos having something like 23 words for differnt forms of snow. They can actually percieve 23 different forms of snow, but those of us boxed into the English language, are lucky add a few adjectives to the word 'snow' to add a sparse few descriptives to it, and thus we only percieve/remember our skiing or mountain experiences as being 'snowy'.

Moving backwards into history, another interesting facet of language is that it is generally thought to be a left brain function however is seems to have been separated from processing of mathematical quantities. Interestingly, in ancient languages such as Hebrew and Greek, the letters also double as numbers. So a person who becomes adept at speaking and concieving in an ancient language, has also to some extent developed a fluent mathematical intuition. Those who practice Kaballa, therefore, choose to interpret words as numerical expressions instead of as a language. Is it therefore possible that a language such as this is actually a truely objective language, referring to the actual truth of the existence of the referrant, as opposed to being mediated by cultural traditions of perception and therefore illusion???

Mystics such as Pythagoras, have concieved of that the nature of the universe is mathematical. In fact our westen science of empiricism, is based entirely on this mystical concept.
Given the recent computing paridigmatic worldview of the universe, some people such as Steven Wolfram (A New Kind of Science), have concluded that the universe is like a vast computer program that has been left unattended. At the basis of all simulations or programs, is the notion of a programmer, whose thoughts, words, and intentions have been 'digitalized' and preserved. Thus understanding the machine code of the universe, can reveal the creator of the universe.

What is the machine code of the universe? It would seem that the machine code of the universe appears to be fractal in nature. Thus, all points contain the whole, all points are self similar, there are an infinite number of points, fractals are generated from a feedback loop. Imagine a fractal set of number/letters that can be infinately expanded to describe anything extant anywhere in space or time or any alternate universe. A text generated by a fractal set would have incredible complexity because it could be infinitely expanded.

Returning to Kaballa briefly, another interesting avenue of exploration is the 72 names of God. What if the 72 names are actually points describing the orgion and vector of an attractor in a 73 dimensional fractal representing the wave function of this universe. Then each of the infinite points on a 73 dimensional fractal would represent a new universe.

What is a language? According to mainstream academia, "... language is a system of shared symbols that unites it's speakers in an communicative realm. There are a multitude of living language systems in existence throughout the world, all with a particular evolutionary history. The innate ability to master any language suggests the presence of a "hardwired" grammatical capacity. Added to this basic evolved aptitude are the specific ingredients of a given language as mandated by it's respective cultural setting. A language is not a simple system of "mapping out" a discrete objective reality but rather a system that "creates" a reality model based on the environmental conditions in which it arises.

For example, because the Montenegrin language was created by Montenegrin people, the only possible name for it is Montenegrin just as other Slavic languages are named after the people who speak them. The spoken form contains different dialects used by Montenegrins in different parts of Montenegro. Both within and outside of Montenegro, the term Montenegrin is used every day. The traditional Montenegrin language is characterized by a tendency toward proverbs, metaphors and condensed, figurative speech.

Consciousness is the result of an increasingly complex self-awareness process and involves a speculative meditation within one’s own mind. Language allows us to share the nature of these contemplations in an externalized informational realm. Language and consciousness can be imagined as symbiotic partners that interact within the broader context of culture. This relationship is not one of “cause and effect” but one of “autocatalytic reciprocation”. This is to say that while language does not control consciousness, (or vice versa), the development or retardation of one is related symbiotically to that of the other. Given their intimate relationship in our human evolutionary history, it is impossible to imagine one without the other.

However, the fact that something is "unknown", does not necessarily mean that it is "unknowable". It is possible that our conceptual models and our cognitive powers are inadequate to render comprehensible the complete workings of the cosmos. Another possibility is that we haven't yet evolved to a sufficient threshold of consciousness to fully understand the universe. Whatever the case, the universe is not reluctant to render its secrets to us. It is our inability or unwillingness to clearly interact with it that holds us back from a more complete understanding.

Psychology of Language
American Sign Language
Language Families
Philosophy of Language
Language Acquisition Device (LAD)
Universal Grammar

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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The Rational Spirituality Movement

evidence not faith...

The Rational Spirituality Movement is an emerging worldwide association of like-minded individuals who share a common spiritual worldview based on the dual concepts of reincarnation and karma.

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The Alchemy of the Soul

This alchemical text is one of the oldest surviving alchemical manuscipts from the Egyptian Mystery schools and according to experts dates to around 2649–2150 B.C.

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