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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Doughnuts In-side Out

"Take your home. You chose the contents, the colors and even the structure. Other minds may have designed the structure, and designed the furnishings, but your mind selected these things. If something has been with you your whole life, that means you have chosen to not eliminate this element. Thses elements are manifestations of your values. The essence of your mind has made all of these selections. Imagine a doughnut rotating toward its own hole. The part of it that was outside is now inside, and the part that was originally inside is now outside."
"The mathematical name for this shape is a torus. The importance of the doughnut shape, or torus, is that it has an inside and an outside that can invert on itself. Bucky said that this is why humans and intelligence evolves. He said that each iindividual is a pattern integrity, claiming that the pattern integrity of the human individual is evolutionary and not static."
--Poker Without Cards [pp. 223]

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