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Thursday, August 25, 2005

International Society of Cryptozoology

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We also present 15 of what we consider to be the most interesting and representative cryptozoological discoveries of the past 150 years, and 15 of the most enigmatic and controversial claims that remain unresolved to this day - all with accompanying illustrations.

North America (Sasquatch/Bigfoot)

[Having just returned from a 3 week expedition into the wilderness with the society to record evidence of the Sasquatch phenomenon, I can personally verify the reality, existence, and scholary approach of this society in studying cryptozoological phenomenon. The experiences I had were mind blowing and force one to question the limits of zoology and in an more existential sense the generally accepted limits of science. Evidence collected during the expedition awaits scholarly evaluation and review and could potentially provide yet another amazing paradigm shift.]
-- the Nexus

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