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Monday, August 29, 2005

Poker Without Cards

"What happened to
my mind was that many ideas that I had once believed in, disappeared, my mind was left
with a landscape of fewer things clouding my perception. Where there had been tiny
bubbles of belief, there now was a landscape with fewer but more substantial ideas. In a
topological metaphor, these ideas can be seen as solids and toruses (a torus is the shape of
a doughnut) solids are ideas I know and can prove; toruses are ideas I can get my head
around, but can’t prove through Attaccan methodology, yet known through my
Naceriman senses."
"Attaccan thinking and Naceriman thinking are terms I made up through journaling on
Bucky’s ideas. In short, Attaccan thinking is finite and linear while Nacireman thinking
is infinite and sublime. Please see Alan Carse’s Finite and Infinite Games for further

posted by NEXUS  # 1:49 AM


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