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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Thoughts from the Void

A quantum of action is not a limitation! The universe dictates that action comes in whole units, but these whole units can have any amount of energy in them. If the energy is very large, then the time is very short. Sounds like its better to have a lot of energy. But evolution goes the other way. Evolution gives up more and more energy. Why? Because if energy is very small then time is very big. Allowing the universe more time to 'permeate' itself. If something is everywhere, then it doesn't take much or any energy to get something done because you already know exactly how and where to go to get something done. This is analogous to using an elevator. If you know where to go and what button to push, then you needn't expend all the energy required to raise yourself and the elevator cab to another level. You simply need to know how to activate a process or mechanism already existing. If thought carries the seeds of 'intention' which germanate at the Plank length, then a point expanding into a sphere then into a torus restructuring space with a new time branch, can manifest an imaginal world into reality.
Chaos Never Died
Complexity Lives On!

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