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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Code World - Rafiki

Home of Code World,and exploring the genetic code.

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Image hosted by Photobucket.comMost of the great thinkers from antiquity have incisively penetrated polyhedra and their symmetric properties. Since many early number systems were inferior by today’s standards, the ancients concentrated on shapes, proportions and spatial relationships. On the other hand, today we have robust numerical paradigms, but they are primarily wedded to cubic symmetry, so we have unwittingly become a cube-centric culture of thinkers. The ubiquity of the term ‘3D’ belies the point. Consequently, our mental skills regarding proportions and spatial relationships are atrophied, and the ancients were undeniably superior to us in this regard. They appreciated better the basic power of geometry in forming an intellectual view of the universe, and they regarded it a sublime pursuit.

This website is a collection of fanciful ramblings about symmetry and the genetic code. We hope you enjoy it. There is a lot of material here, and perhaps it strays a bit more than it should. To cut to the chase, here are some stunning conclusions about the genetic code.

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