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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Arthur M. Young - The Theory of Process

ARTHUR MIDDLETON YOUNG (1905 - 1995), inventor of the Bell Helicopter,
cosmologist, philosopher and author of The Reflexive Universe and The Geometry of
Meaning, addresses issues in physics, mathematics, consciousness and evolution.
Author Tom Robbins calls Arthur Young "the greatest theoretical genius since Einstein."

Excerpt from Nested Time

Both religion and science have a common origin in the search for truth, but have approached this goal differently... these two quite different endeavors tell the same story, reach the same conclusions. The agreement to which I refer is to be found between the ancient myths and the most recent findings of quantum physics...
It is because science became the Scientific Method and ceased to be the search for truth that it lost relevance and, like a time bomb ticking in an airliner, is dangerous because it is cut off from our control, following its own dictates. It is because the institutionalized churches have taken little cognizance of scientific discoveries and have insisted on a literal reading of all sacred writings that they have become irrelevant and have had their traditional teaching dismissed as superstition... Twentieth century humanity has come of age. It is not to be led, but must draw out of itself the wisdom it needs... we must look at what we already have in the earliest and undistorted traditions... [we have] the accumulated wisdom of all ages and of all teachings, which, with the help of the ontology provided by Quantum Physics, we can now sort out and interpret...

We need a new, integrating direction, but we cannot discover an integrating and unitary theory common to science and religion without postulating the unity of all things. In sum, then, our thesis is this: we inhabit a universe, and this implies one universal set of principles or of truth. To discover these principles or truth, we must enlist both religious and scientific inquiry, and, recognizing the variety of expressions of both, be prepared to seek out the unity in its true implication and significance.

...just as the world with its oceans, continents, and nations presents many facets, yet is one body of matter, so does our culture with its religions and sciences present many facets, yet is one body of life. Our task, then is to seek out this unity.

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