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Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Big Igloo: TAZ Gateway into other Dimensions?

I picked a pattern of a wheel within a wheel which I found in a first edition of a John Bennett book, a disciple of Gurdjieff. Back then the beam was aimed from the center of the room, with perfect alignment and symmetry, like a light fountain springing upward. Today, Laser Images has moved all beam projections to the side of the dome which destroys this effect. The song started, the wheel within a wheel started rotating, in a bluish purple tuned perfectly to the key Black Sabbath played their song in, sound vibrations per seconds and Angstroms units in unison. Immediately, in the darkness, the sympathetic harmony between the light and sound frequencies grabbed the audience as if by magic. We had waited till the end of a regular show to spring this on a full house. Those who let themselves go, immediately went into a trance, and I'm not going to describe here all the other weird things that followed. Those who didn't go with the flow just thought the show went nuts and started leaving. Sabbath was an acquired taste 30 years ago. Those who stayed, and "got it", experienced something they'd never felt before, the music riding the light, through their eyes, deep into their psyche. All I can say is that evening, people in Hollywood who attended the show and understood, ran back down the Hollywood hills talking technological spiritual revolution.

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