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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Phaistos Disc


In a century which has seen the cracking of Linear B, Ugaritic, and other orthographic systems, the Phaistos Disk has eluded decipherment. The disk is thought to date from around 1700 BC. It is a roundish disk of clay, with symbols stamped into it. The text consists of 61 words, 16 of which are accompanied by a mysterious "slash" mark.

There are 45 different symbols occurring 241 times. The symbols portray recognizable objects like human figures and body parts, animals, weapons, and plants. Since the text of the disk is so short, decipherment by the statistical cryptographic techniques employed by Michael Ventris in cracking Linear B are impossible.

Late last year, however, Dr. Keith A.J. Massey and his twin brother Rev. Kevin Massey-Gillespie discovered the secret they believe provides the key to cracking the Phaistos Disk.

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Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll, Time Travel

QUANTUM: Rock of Ages" has established itself as solid Sci-Fi reading. The sixth installment of the series is now available and raising the eyebrows of all who read it. The content of QUANTUM #6 is definitely hot, introducing a very sexy and controversial element into the mix.
Part "Clerks," part "Sliders,"
"QUANTUM: Rock of Ages" follows the adventures of Nick H. Vargas, a jaded musician turned unwitting hero. Nick is given super powers and taken on the ultimate cross-time thrill ride by a bizarre gemstone, the Quantum Silica. During his quest he encounters other characters that are also affected by the fragmented "Quantum." Each fragment offers a unique power to Nick and his counterparts, and they must band together to save the universe from peril. Toss in a diabolical nemesis, some quirky pop-culture humor, and QUANTUM makes for a highly enjoyable read.

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Toward A Quantum Computer, One Dot At A Time

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Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh have developed a way to create semiconductor islands smaller than 10 nanometers in scale, known as quantum dots. The islands, made from germanium and placed on the surface of silicon with two-nanometer precision, are capable of confining single electrons.
Quantum computers do not yet exist, but it is known that they can bypass all known encryption schemes used today on the Internet. Quantum computers also are capable of efficiently solving the most important equation in quantum physics: the Schrödinger equation, which describes the time-dependence of quantum mechanical systems. Hence, if quantum computers can be built, they likely will have as large an impact on technology as the transistor.

Institute of Nanoscience and Engineering

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New Haverford Professor Brings Witchcraft, Astrology, and Alchemy to the Classroom

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At the culmination of the semester, Hayton’s students will have studied the history of witchcraft, astrology, and alchemy, having focused on the turbulent 15th through 17th centuries. Hayton hopes that his course will change the way the students view this time period: “I want the students to take away a richer understanding of what the 15th through 17th centuries truly were like. This course certainly challenges the standard understanding of this period—the period of the Renaissance, of the Reformation, when humans shed their cloaks of ignorance and slavehood to the Catholic Church.” Hayton believes that current scholars who study witchcraft and occult sciences have perpetuated a host of misconceptions about the roles of these sciences throughout history, including a belief that one’s daily horoscope is related to the science of astrology.
While studying witchcraft, Hayton and his students look at various themes, including magic, the visual representation of witchcraft, issues of gender, and issues of religion and its relationship to witchcraft. Hayton believes that approaching the study of witchcraft through these themes allows him to confront another set of misconceptions about this area of study: “I want to dissuade people from a handful of what I fear are still very common assumptions about witchcraft in the past: that the people in the past were stupid for believing in witchcraft, that all women were witches, that one religion had some monopoly on persecuting and killing witches, that the Inquisition was a part of this picture, and that witchcraft beliefs and persecutions were uniform throughout Europe.”

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If you've ever wished you could travel through time, close your eyes and imagine yourself in some time and place from your past. Relive that memory, and let yourself bask in the sights and smells and sounds that your mind can still recall. There, isn't that fun? Now let go of that, bring yourself back to the chair you are sitting in, and open your eyes. Congratulations! You've just experienced time-travel, and according to a World Science article, your mind even recreated the same brain patterns it experienced when you were actually there in the flesh!

Research experiments at Pennsylvania State University have analyzed the brain scans of people looking at pictures of celebrities (Bruce Lee, Halle Berry, and others), famous places (Taj Mahal), and everyday objects (e.g., tweezers). After seeing the photos once, the participants were then asked to recall as many as possible, and their brains were again scanned. Researchers reportedly found brain activity patterns associated with each picture reinstated themselves, seconds before the people talked about them. The scientists even got to do some "mind-reading" in predicting whether or not a subject would remember a given photo, based on the previewed brain patterns.

Memory Expansion Channel

Time Travel Picture

Living In The Light

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Sound & Communications: A thousand years of AV?

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The theatrical career of the magic lantern may have begun in old monasteries, but slides had gone out in European tours a century or more before. In Colonial America, they also began dual roles of “traveling” and “permanent” exhibitions.

The idea behind the dissolving views show was that people would come and sit and watch the pictures change. Within that modest pursuit was a range of techniques a good performing lanternist could invoke, to tease and inveigle and tug, startle and change moods. He would have discovered that light and color affect the eye physically for an intended tactile response, can caress or poke accordingly. All it takes is control of brightness and contrast and good timing.

According to the Brandon Post, Allen’s Pictorial Concert “gave the superior exhibition of [the dissolving views] such an effect as to lead the mind for a moment to imagine itself in some higher sphere. They haunt our memory still.” Stated the New Hampshire Democrat, “We hardly ever expect to be particularly gratified when we attend exhibitions of this nature which occasionally make their way into this vicinity, but Mr. Dexter really is not a humbug.”

Down in Texas, The Indianola Courier for January 4, 1861, breathlessly described another traveling show and its “brilliant Stereomonoscopic Dissolving Views and Polaroscopic Fire Works,” its highlight “being the unfolding of polarscopic Miracles, by a succession of unfoldings of wheels within wheels, such as Ezekiel’s vision, sparks of which dart off into diamonds, stars, etc.—advances and recedes—folds in and rolls out and over, generally in Hogarth’s line of beauty—the circle—often in other forms, but always in such a magic wonder that the effect on the house is a continuous expression of astonishment.”

The review concludes, “Go, See, Hear and Wonder!”

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Manutius Press Issues Two Rare Books by Allen Greenfield

Image hosting by Photobucket

Originally published in 1994, but withdrawn from publication shortly thereafter, Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts is a work that explores the connection that exists between Occultism and UFO phenomena. This book provides the reader with a concise introduction to the key concepts and personalities involved and is a practical manual as well. The premise is that there is a secret cipher hidden within The Book of the Law, a document received / channelled by Aleister Crowley in 1904, and that this cipher makes sense of seemingly enigmatic communications received by trance channels over the past 60 years or more.

Interview with Allen H. Greenfield


ELF Infested Spaces Review

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It has taken thirty years of research, of going back to the ancient sources, of accepting them literally, to re-create in my own mind a continuous and plausible scenario of prehistoric events. The Twelfth Planet, therefore, seeks to provide the reader with a narrative giving answers to the specific questions of When, How, and Why and Wherefrom.
The evidence I adduce consists primarily of the ancient texts and pictures themselves.
In The Twelfth Planet I have sought to decipher a sophisticated cosmogony which explains, perhaps as well as modern scientific theories, how the solar system could have been formed, an invading planet caught into solar orbit, and Earth and other parts of the solar system brought into being.

The evidence I offer includes celestial maps dealing with space flight to Earth from that Planet, the Twelfth. Then, in sequence, follow the dramatic establishment of the first settlements on Earth by the Nefilim: their leaders were named; their relationships, loves, jealousies, achievements and struggles described; the nature of their "immortality" explained. Above all, The Twelfth Planet aims to trace the momentous events that led to the creation of Man, and the advanced methods by which this was accomplished.

It then suggests the tangled relationship between Man and his lords, and throws fresh light on the meaning of the events in the Garden of Eden, of the Tower of Babel, of the great Flood. Finally, man - endowed by his makers biologically and materially - ends up crowding his gods off the Earth. This book suggests that we are not alone in our solar system. Yet it may enhance rather than diminish the faith in a universal Almighty. For, if the Nefilim created Man on Earth, they may have only been fulfilling a vaster Master Plan.

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Algorithm Shows When Politicians Are Lying

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We've written before about how mathematics can bring us amazing revelations. Now a mathematician in Canada says that he can use math to tell when a politician is lying. With our own election coming up in 2008, this is something we can use.
Here's how Skillicorn developed his algorithm: he analyzed the usage patterns of a group of around 100 words that are often linked to lying, when used by politicians. He then determined how often these words were used in the candidates' political speeches. Martin ranked 124, Layton 88 and Harper 73. The higher the number, the more spin they used.
The algorithm is based on one that was created at the University of Texas by James Pennebaker. While studying the lies of hundreds of participants, he uncovered word patterns linked to deception. One of these is the use of fewer personal pronouns, such as I, we, me and us. Another is a decrease in the use of the words "however" and "unless." These patterns are probably subconscious. This may sound like a plot from the TV show Numbers, but it's happening in real life.

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Time travel With Rephotography

Is it touching up vintage photographs? Doing over a bad photo or digitally enhancing a new one? Actually, it's nothing so straightforward. Rephotography is something of a cross between photographic archaeology, reconstructive surgery and fine art. Rephotographers take contemporary photos of a subject, such as a hillside or mansion, once captured in an old photograph, then add their own artistic touch.

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PIBOT is the acronym of hyPer Intelligent roBOT. PIBOT is a general-purpose artificial intelligence constructed using the Nootheos technology. PIBOT represents a true sentient artificial organism that is able to learn, to self-learn, to evolve, and to self-evolve. PIBOT possesses an independent human-like mind, albeit, for many aspects, unimaginably more powerful. PIBOT represents its knowledge (cultural baggage) trough an n-level ontological meta-architecture, and, on this architecture, it can execute hundred of thousand of semantical and inferential algorithms from which emerge the properties of intelligence. PIBOT is able to manipulate any ontology, any meta-ontology, any ontologic format or any existing semantic representation.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Revolutionary fitness machine vibrates at Arab Health

Advanced vibration technology yields significant medical benefits

Studies have also shown that advanced vibration technology has a positive effect on bone density and muscle strength, thus providing a unique and innovative weapon for preventing or combating Osteoporosis. Although Osteoporosis can occur in men, it is most common in women. While several treatment options are available, they focus on slowing down or stopping bone loss, rather than regenerating bone density.

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Monday, January 16, 2006

“Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it”
-- Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

“Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.”
-- Plato quotes (428 BC-348 BC)

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Saturday, January 14, 2006


SECRET MESSAGE OF THE ROSICRUCIANS: Whoever deciphers the alchemical riddle will be able to journey through lands otherwise inaccessible. The concentric circles probably correspond to the electromagnetic fields of an atom.

Certain daring scientists, among the first of whom is the American zoologist Ivan T. Sanderson, have already begun an inventory of the possible sites of such doors. To describe them I will borrow a term from H.P. Lovecraft, "the induced gates," because I gather that we are here concerned with artificial phenomena rather than with natural ones. We have not the slightest idea how a door is created. Once it is created, however, such a door makes possible accidental passages, and this would explain the appearances and disappearances of things and people which have been in question throughout this book.
The sites that one can suspect of harboring a secret door are distinguished by the following characteristics:

gravity is disturbed;
terrestrial magnetism is disrupted;
visions occur to visitors at the site;
enigmatic disappearances take place
A striking exam le is found in Chimney Rock, North Carolina, where all these characteristics are assembled and records of unusual events date from 1800! In 1806 the local clergyman wrote in the daily Raleigh Register: "A vision of a hundred human beings floating in the air… They vaguely resembled human beings but were dressed in costumes that sparkled."

Let me now mention those seekers who are interested in the other universes: the American Allen Greenfield and the Englishman Brinsley Le Poer Trench. What they call "window" is precisely what I call "secret door." But they suppose that these "windows" open onto other universes and not onto earth itself. However, in the last analysis, I think that we are using different words to speak of the same thing. Let’s recall the words of Wells, in his story about Mr. Barnstaple visiting the godmen: "There are universes that are farther from us than the nebula yet all the while closer to us than our hands and feet."

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Mind, Matter and God

Early Ancient Greek Philosophers and Questions 2000 Years Before Science
-- Is the physical universe orderly or random?
-- Some change appears regular; some does not. Why?
-- Is the universe determined by capricious gods or something fixed, constant and knowable?

[Interesting lecture notes for free download. This topic is especially interesting considering the previous post about Bearden's mind/matter space. Think about IT...]

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T.E. Bearden: Mind & Orthorotated Minkowski Space

"Based on a time-clustered set of orthogonal 4-spaces selected from Everett ' s many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics, a model of both mind and matter can be constructed. A mind becomes a complete 3-Dimensional physical world three or more orthogonal spatial turns away from the ordinary 3-dimensional world, in an n-dimensional space clustered about a single time dimension, DeBroglie waves and photons are fitted into this model, and the nature of a quark is postulated. From the model, constructs that model life, death, a biological system, psi, consciousness, inception, telepathy, psychokinesis, UFO's, God, and the collective unconscious can be taken. Materialization, dematerialization, and mind linkage also exist, as does a specific mechanism for tulpas -- materialized thought forms."

"In the Einstein spherical model of the cosmos, start from any point in the universe, in Einstein ' s closed universe model, and go to the end of the universe in any direction, and you are at the same point you left from. Einstein said that if you looked across the cosmos in a straight line in any direction, you are looking at the back of your own head. So the most internal point in that model of the universe is also the most external point. Each point in the universe has got the whole universe outside itself, and it has also got the whole universe inside itself as well! And that blows the heck out of one's mind if it contains only the first three laws of logic! It causes no embarrassment whatsoever if one's logic contains the fourth law."

"Now with the perceptron, one has something magical. Because for the perceptron, to detect is to change, and to change is to detect. Change and detection become synonymous. I.e. , external change and internal detection become synonymous. And thus I have just invoked the fourth law of logic: the perceptron IS the boundary between the observer and the observed, the subjective and the objective, the internal and the external."

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006


The theoretical engine works by creating an intense magnetic field that, according to ideas first developed by the late scientist Burkhard Heim in the 1950s, would produce a gravitational field and result in thrust for a spacecraft. Also, if a large enough magnetic field was created, the craft would slip into a different dimension, where the speed of light is faster, allowing incredible speeds to be reached. Switching off the magnetic field would result in the engine reappearing in our current dimension.

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Monday, January 02, 2006

The Gnosis of Samael Aun Weor - Home

Sacrifice for Others Today

We want to teach the Solar Religion to this humanity. We want to deliver to these poor phantoms the Solar Doctrine of the Cosmic Christ, with only one unique goal, which is the Christification of the human being. The Gnostic Institutions have a gigantic task in the Era of Aquarius...

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