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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


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If you've ever wished you could travel through time, close your eyes and imagine yourself in some time and place from your past. Relive that memory, and let yourself bask in the sights and smells and sounds that your mind can still recall. There, isn't that fun? Now let go of that, bring yourself back to the chair you are sitting in, and open your eyes. Congratulations! You've just experienced time-travel, and according to a World Science article, your mind even recreated the same brain patterns it experienced when you were actually there in the flesh!

Research experiments at Pennsylvania State University have analyzed the brain scans of people looking at pictures of celebrities (Bruce Lee, Halle Berry, and others), famous places (Taj Mahal), and everyday objects (e.g., tweezers). After seeing the photos once, the participants were then asked to recall as many as possible, and their brains were again scanned. Researchers reportedly found brain activity patterns associated with each picture reinstated themselves, seconds before the people talked about them. The scientists even got to do some "mind-reading" in predicting whether or not a subject would remember a given photo, based on the previewed brain patterns.

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