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Saturday, January 14, 2006


SECRET MESSAGE OF THE ROSICRUCIANS: Whoever deciphers the alchemical riddle will be able to journey through lands otherwise inaccessible. The concentric circles probably correspond to the electromagnetic fields of an atom.

Certain daring scientists, among the first of whom is the American zoologist Ivan T. Sanderson, have already begun an inventory of the possible sites of such doors. To describe them I will borrow a term from H.P. Lovecraft, "the induced gates," because I gather that we are here concerned with artificial phenomena rather than with natural ones. We have not the slightest idea how a door is created. Once it is created, however, such a door makes possible accidental passages, and this would explain the appearances and disappearances of things and people which have been in question throughout this book.
The sites that one can suspect of harboring a secret door are distinguished by the following characteristics:

gravity is disturbed;
terrestrial magnetism is disrupted;
visions occur to visitors at the site;
enigmatic disappearances take place
A striking exam le is found in Chimney Rock, North Carolina, where all these characteristics are assembled and records of unusual events date from 1800! In 1806 the local clergyman wrote in the daily Raleigh Register: "A vision of a hundred human beings floating in the air… They vaguely resembled human beings but were dressed in costumes that sparkled."

Let me now mention those seekers who are interested in the other universes: the American Allen Greenfield and the Englishman Brinsley Le Poer Trench. What they call "window" is precisely what I call "secret door." But they suppose that these "windows" open onto other universes and not onto earth itself. However, in the last analysis, I think that we are using different words to speak of the same thing. Let’s recall the words of Wells, in his story about Mr. Barnstaple visiting the godmen: "There are universes that are farther from us than the nebula yet all the while closer to us than our hands and feet."

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