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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll, Time Travel

QUANTUM: Rock of Ages" has established itself as solid Sci-Fi reading. The sixth installment of the series is now available and raising the eyebrows of all who read it. The content of QUANTUM #6 is definitely hot, introducing a very sexy and controversial element into the mix.
Part "Clerks," part "Sliders,"
"QUANTUM: Rock of Ages" follows the adventures of Nick H. Vargas, a jaded musician turned unwitting hero. Nick is given super powers and taken on the ultimate cross-time thrill ride by a bizarre gemstone, the Quantum Silica. During his quest he encounters other characters that are also affected by the fragmented "Quantum." Each fragment offers a unique power to Nick and his counterparts, and they must band together to save the universe from peril. Toss in a diabolical nemesis, some quirky pop-culture humor, and QUANTUM makes for a highly enjoyable read.

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