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Saturday, January 14, 2006

T.E. Bearden: Mind & Orthorotated Minkowski Space

"Based on a time-clustered set of orthogonal 4-spaces selected from Everett ' s many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics, a model of both mind and matter can be constructed. A mind becomes a complete 3-Dimensional physical world three or more orthogonal spatial turns away from the ordinary 3-dimensional world, in an n-dimensional space clustered about a single time dimension, DeBroglie waves and photons are fitted into this model, and the nature of a quark is postulated. From the model, constructs that model life, death, a biological system, psi, consciousness, inception, telepathy, psychokinesis, UFO's, God, and the collective unconscious can be taken. Materialization, dematerialization, and mind linkage also exist, as does a specific mechanism for tulpas -- materialized thought forms."

"In the Einstein spherical model of the cosmos, start from any point in the universe, in Einstein ' s closed universe model, and go to the end of the universe in any direction, and you are at the same point you left from. Einstein said that if you looked across the cosmos in a straight line in any direction, you are looking at the back of your own head. So the most internal point in that model of the universe is also the most external point. Each point in the universe has got the whole universe outside itself, and it has also got the whole universe inside itself as well! And that blows the heck out of one's mind if it contains only the first three laws of logic! It causes no embarrassment whatsoever if one's logic contains the fourth law."

"Now with the perceptron, one has something magical. Because for the perceptron, to detect is to change, and to change is to detect. Change and detection become synonymous. I.e. , external change and internal detection become synonymous. And thus I have just invoked the fourth law of logic: the perceptron IS the boundary between the observer and the observed, the subjective and the objective, the internal and the external."

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