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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Daoist Alchemy in the West: The Esoteric Paradigms

"Daoism, as the primary indigenous religion of China, is a highly esoteric tradition. Constructed of many different strands, over several thousand years, Daoism has a complex history of integrating various techniques of meditation, spirit communication, consciousness projection, bodily movements, medicine, and “internal alchemy” with a profound transpersonal philosophy of nature and a metaphysics of human relationships based on an ideal of spiritual transformation leading to immortality. The mythically structured world of Daoism is rooted in the tripartite division of Heaven, Humanity, and Earth which interact through a rich web of symbolic correlations and correspondences centered on the Daoist sage as a master of a parallel integration of spirit, mind, and body. Thus while Daoism emphasizes bodily disciplines like T’ai Chi and Chi Gong, a healthy diet, and a natural life in harmony with nature and natural processes, it also emphasizes a paradigm of embodied spirituality that seeks to actualized various inner potentials that can lead to the radical transformation of the natural. Rather than seeking to attain transcendence “beyond nature,” Daoism emphasizes the value of nature as the ground of all transpersonal development.[1] Such a paradigm is highly congruent with certain streams of practice and thought in Western esotericism as well as with current, emergent models of participatory spirituality influenced by Daoism.[2]"

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Space-time curvature at the outer edge of Universe makes it invisible to any 3-D telescope

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The outer edge of the Universe is invisible and is also filled with suspense. The Hubble telescope has obtained images of quite a bit of the universe but not the real edge. NASA's Next Generation Space Telescope, scheduled to be launched in 2007, may provide definitive answers. Its lens will be three times bigger than Hubble's, and it will be able to see objects 20 to 25 times fainter, according to Ed Weiler, head of NASA's office of space science.

Some astronomers hope it will let them view the very edge of the universe, the "dark zone" beyond which there is no stars or galaxies. However, according to scientists, the outer edge of the universe encounters space-time curvature and the 3D characteristics get interfaced with the 5-D Hyperspace. That makes it impossible for any 3-D telescopes to ever view the real edge of our universe.

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Daddy Drinks Because You Cry

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“Language shapes the way we think,
and determines what we can think about.”

--Benjamin Lee Whorf (American Linguist noted for his hypotheses regarding the relation of language to thinking and cognition and for his studies of Hebrew and Hebrew ideas, 1897-1941)

“To have another language is to possess a second soul.”
--Charlemagne quotes

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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Physicists Look at Birdsong

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"With spring on the way, physicists have turned their attention to the familiar sound of birdsong and have developed a mathematical model to explain the breathing patterns of canaries when they sing. By treating both a bird's vocal organ and neurones as nonlinear systems, researchers have found that complex songs, involving notes of many frequencies and lengths, might be produced by surprisingly simple neurological structures and processes. The results could shed light on how birds learn to sing and even how humans learn to speak -- a process thought to be similar to the mimicking behaviour of baby birds (Phys. Rev. Lett. 96 058103)."

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Language of the Birds
--Fulcanelli, Le Mystere du Cathedrals

Argot (cant) is one of the forms derived from the Language of the Birds, parent and doyen of all other languages-the one spoken by philosophers and diplomats. It was knowledge of this language which Jesus revealed to his Apostles, by sending them his spirit, the Holy Ghost. This is the language which teaches the mystery of things and unveils the most hidden truths. The ancient Incas called it the Court Language, because it was used by diplomats. To them it was the key to the double science, sacred and profane. In the Middle Ages it was called the Gay Science and the Gay Knowledge, the Language of the Gods, the Dive-Bouteille Tradition assures us that men spoke it before the building of the Tower of Babel, which event caused this sacred language to be perverted and to be totally forgottefi by the greater part of humanity. Today, apart from cant, we find its character in a few local dialects, such as Picard, Provencal, etc. and in the language of the gypsies.
It remains the language of a minority of individuals living outside accepted laws, conventions, customs and etiquette. The term voyous (street-arabs) that is to say voyants (seers) is applied to them and the even more expressive term sons or children of the sun. Gothic art is in fact the art got or cot (go)-the art of light or of the spirit. Some discerning and less superficial authors, struck by the similarity between gothic (gothique) and goetic (goetique) have thought that there must be a close connection between gothic art and goetic art, i.e. magic.
The argotiers, those who use this language, are the hermetic descendants of the argonauts, who manned the ship Argo. They spoke the langue argotique-our langue verte ('green language' or slang)---while they were sailing towards the felicitious shores of Colchos to win the famous Golden Fleece. People still say about a very intelligent, but rather sly, man: 'he knows everything, he understands cant.' All the Initiates expressed themselves in cant; the vagrants of the Court of Miracles-headed by the poet Villon- as well as the Freemasons of the Middle Ages, 'members of the lodge of God', who built the argotique masterpieces, which we still admire today.
A Russian Tale
Tweet Tweet...
The Language of Birds
William Henry's Take

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Philip K. Dick ANDROID on the Lam

Amazing irony foreshadows a missing android
replica of the very author who championed "replicant" freedom.

PKD's Head.

Philip K Dick is missing. Not the American science fiction writer whose novels spawned hit films such as Blade Runner and Total Recall -- he died more than 20 years ago -- but a state-of-the-art robot named after the author. The quirky android, was lost in early January while en route to California by commercial airliner.

"We can't find Phil," said Steve Prilliman of Dallas-based Hanson Robotics, which created the futuristic robot with the FedEx Institute of Technology at the University of Memphis, the Automation and Robotics Research Institute at the University of Texas at Arlington and Dick's friend Paul Williams.

Along with an eerie likeness to the author, the robot features award-winning artificial intelligence that mimics the writer's mannerisms and lifelike skin material to affect realistic expressions. Top-of-the-line voice software loaded with data from Dick's vast body of writing allows the robot to carry on natural-sounding conversations, although it does come off as a bit doddering at times.Biometric-identification software and advanced machine vision allows the robot to recognise people -- even in a crowd -- read their expressions and body language and talk to them sounding a lot like a normal, albeit slightly senile, author who likes to quote his own books when he gets confused.

Visit the Hanson Robotics Web site
Learn more about Philip K. Dick
Philip K. Dick fansite

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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Maybe Logic Foundation

Maybe Logic Academy is an innovative online learning institution and community. The Academy features online courses by some our most important and ground-breaking writers, theorists, artists and teachers.

Courses are grounded in the philosophy and perspective of maybe logic, an approach which emphasizes the fallibility and relativity of perception and tends to approach information and observations with questions, probabilities and multiple perspectives rather than absolute truths. This "model agnosticism" informs all MLA courses by maintaining an experimental attitude towards any particular paradigm, theory or model of reality.

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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Lon Milo Duquette - Contemporary Mage

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He looks like Santa Claus dressed for his day job. Lon Milo DuQuette, aka Rabbi Lamed Ben Clifford, is an author, lecturer, and occultist according to Wikipedia.
DuQuette is best known for "analyzing and exploring the works of Aleister Crowley. He writes on Western mystical traditions, Freemasonry, tarot, qabalah, ceremonial magick, enochian magick, Dr. John Dee, spirit evocation, and goetia. His best known book is MY LIFE WITH THE SPIRITS. He is a former studio musician and recording artist. DuQuette's current project is working with the producers of a movie about Aleister Crowley's life.

Intervew with Lon Milo DuQuette

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Author Claims Magick is Real - and Can Be Taught

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New York, NY (PRWEB) February 2, 2006 -- Did you know that your life is filled with magick - in ways you might not even be aware of? Did you know that with a little bit of intent, you can infuse almost every part of your life with magick?

Author Philip H. Farber will demonstrate - and teach - simple and effective techniques of Real Magick. That's right - ways to focus your attention, exercises and rituals that produce real results on a physical as well as psychological level. These techniques can be used to help create wealth, health, and success in any endeavor.

Philip H. Farber Webpage

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911 Synthetic Terror by Webster Tarpley

911 Synthetic Terror by Webster Tarpley

This book provides an urgent answer to the failure of the US intelligence agencies, the Congressional Joint Inquiry, and the Kean-Hamilton 9-11 Commission to discover the basic facts in the September 2001 terror attacks.
The author starts from the official myth of 9-11 - nineteen Arab hijackers, al Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden, the laptop in the cave in Afghanistan - and shows how this myth was fabricated during the ten days after 9-11 by media leaks from George Tenet and Richard Clarke, remarks by Colin Powell, and Bush's September 20 address to Congress. In the meantime, each of these figures has been repeatedly caught blatantly lying about Iraq and other subjects, and it is high time their lies about 9-11 be exposed.

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UNCG: Physicist to Talk about Time Travel Feb. 7

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In 1975, he joined the University of Connecticut at Storrs, where he has been a professor of theoretical physics ever since. He has published numerous papers on black holes and relativistic cosmology in professional journals.

His recent work on time travel has been featured extensively in the media, including New Scientist, the Village Voice, the Boston Globe, Rolling Stone magazine, Pravda (Moscow), The Wall Street Journal, Astronomy Magazine, Japanese television, German television, The Learning Channel, the Science Channel and numerous radio stations.

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The Devil's Doctor: Paracelsus and the World of Renaissance Magic and Science

The Devil's Doctor by Philip Ball

For Paracelsus, alchemy was not merely about the creation of gold, but was a medical and mystical philosophy that explained the functioning of the body (the transformation of food into flesh, blood and excrement) as well as the more general principles that revealed the mysteries of the earth. "Alchemy becomes so powerful and so beautiful in Paracelsus's hands," writes Ball, "because it is a part of a greater system: a magical vision of the universe distilled in the overheated alembic of a feverishly imaginative mind." Paracelsus saw the "great art of transformation" - alchemy - as the key to understanding man and nature. It was "a reflection of the natural art that makes a flower grow, that stores up metals in the earth, and brings wind and rain. By taking alchemy out of the smoky laboratory and setting it free in wild nature, Paracelsus stakes his claim to genius."

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Medieval Artwork Contains Depictions of UFO's

This painting is called "The Madonna with Saint Giovannino". It was painted in the 15th century by Domenico Ghirlandaio (1449-1494) and hangs as part of the Loeser collection in the Palazzo Vecchio. Above Mary's (left) shoulder is a disk shaped object. Below is a blow up of this section and a man and his dog can clearly be seen looking up at the object.

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Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana - Myth Games

Image hosting by Photobucket

Koei Ltd. today announced the release date for Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana in Europe. This highly anticipated fantasy RPG will be available from March 17th. The sixth instalment in this hugely popular series is the first to be released in Europe giving gamers the opportunity to immerse themselves within a world of alchemy, monsters and the most incredibly extensive selections of items and item creating possibilities ever to appear in an RPG.

Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana takes you to the world of Regallzine, a land inhabited by humans, Mana, and vicious monsters. With the help of Mana Spirits, a select few can harness the power of alchemy to create magical items. However, over the years this practice has nearly died out. As Klein Kiesling, it's your goal to learn the lost art of alchemy. Klein's journey of self-discovery will soon lead him to join a ragtag band of adventurers who fight monsters to protect the general populace.

[learn more...]

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Thursday, February 02, 2006

SolarCube™ to slash residential solar to below grid energy price

ADELAID, AUSTRALIA -- Green and Gold Energy of Adelaide announced Tuesday that its award-winning solar technology will be commercially available for Australian customers in March through the company website.

Their announcement pertains to the 6 mega-Watt-hour (MWh) annual output SunCube™ system comprised of twenty units, each rated at 150 Wp and 300 kWh annually, as well as a 3 kilowatt AS4777 grid connect inverter. (Ref.) To give you a rough idea, six MegaWatt-hours computes to 685 Watts continuous output; and is dependent -- plus or minus -- on the sun exposure in the region. Combined with a battery storage system, this is enough power to supply the minimal electrical needs of a typical home. The US and EU-approved grid connect inverter enables the home to be a "hybrid", run either on grid or solar power -- but most importantly, enabling the grid meter to run backwards, for possible net income from the grid for energy generation.

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