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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Language of the Birds
--Fulcanelli, Le Mystere du Cathedrals

Argot (cant) is one of the forms derived from the Language of the Birds, parent and doyen of all other languages-the one spoken by philosophers and diplomats. It was knowledge of this language which Jesus revealed to his Apostles, by sending them his spirit, the Holy Ghost. This is the language which teaches the mystery of things and unveils the most hidden truths. The ancient Incas called it the Court Language, because it was used by diplomats. To them it was the key to the double science, sacred and profane. In the Middle Ages it was called the Gay Science and the Gay Knowledge, the Language of the Gods, the Dive-Bouteille Tradition assures us that men spoke it before the building of the Tower of Babel, which event caused this sacred language to be perverted and to be totally forgottefi by the greater part of humanity. Today, apart from cant, we find its character in a few local dialects, such as Picard, Provencal, etc. and in the language of the gypsies.
It remains the language of a minority of individuals living outside accepted laws, conventions, customs and etiquette. The term voyous (street-arabs) that is to say voyants (seers) is applied to them and the even more expressive term sons or children of the sun. Gothic art is in fact the art got or cot (go)-the art of light or of the spirit. Some discerning and less superficial authors, struck by the similarity between gothic (gothique) and goetic (goetique) have thought that there must be a close connection between gothic art and goetic art, i.e. magic.
The argotiers, those who use this language, are the hermetic descendants of the argonauts, who manned the ship Argo. They spoke the langue argotique-our langue verte ('green language' or slang)---while they were sailing towards the felicitious shores of Colchos to win the famous Golden Fleece. People still say about a very intelligent, but rather sly, man: 'he knows everything, he understands cant.' All the Initiates expressed themselves in cant; the vagrants of the Court of Miracles-headed by the poet Villon- as well as the Freemasons of the Middle Ages, 'members of the lodge of God', who built the argotique masterpieces, which we still admire today.
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The Language of Birds
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