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Thursday, February 02, 2006

SolarCubeā„¢ to slash residential solar to below grid energy price

ADELAID, AUSTRALIA -- Green and Gold Energy of Adelaide announced Tuesday that its award-winning solar technology will be commercially available for Australian customers in March through the company website.

Their announcement pertains to the 6 mega-Watt-hour (MWh) annual output SunCubeā„¢ system comprised of twenty units, each rated at 150 Wp and 300 kWh annually, as well as a 3 kilowatt AS4777 grid connect inverter. (Ref.) To give you a rough idea, six MegaWatt-hours computes to 685 Watts continuous output; and is dependent -- plus or minus -- on the sun exposure in the region. Combined with a battery storage system, this is enough power to supply the minimal electrical needs of a typical home. The US and EU-approved grid connect inverter enables the home to be a "hybrid", run either on grid or solar power -- but most importantly, enabling the grid meter to run backwards, for possible net income from the grid for energy generation.

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