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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Space-time curvature at the outer edge of Universe makes it invisible to any 3-D telescope

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The outer edge of the Universe is invisible and is also filled with suspense. The Hubble telescope has obtained images of quite a bit of the universe but not the real edge. NASA's Next Generation Space Telescope, scheduled to be launched in 2007, may provide definitive answers. Its lens will be three times bigger than Hubble's, and it will be able to see objects 20 to 25 times fainter, according to Ed Weiler, head of NASA's office of space science.

Some astronomers hope it will let them view the very edge of the universe, the "dark zone" beyond which there is no stars or galaxies. However, according to scientists, the outer edge of the universe encounters space-time curvature and the 3D characteristics get interfaced with the 5-D Hyperspace. That makes it impossible for any 3-D telescopes to ever view the real edge of our universe.

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