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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Directions to Merlin's Avalon

"According to ancient legends, recorded during medieval times, Merlin ended his life on Avalon. Although a number of British islands were associated with Avalon in the Middle Ages, such as Glastonbury in southwest England and Anglesey in Wales, Phillips finds evidence that the original Avalon was based on stories of another island, much further away. A 1,500-year-old saga called 'The Voyage of Merlin' tells how Merlin finally left Britain on a boat bound for a mysterious island, far across the Atlantic, where the waters of a magical spring, guarded by two giant serpents, could cure all ills and grant eternal youth. This story, long thought by historians to be fictitious, was, Phillips argues, based on accounts of a real journey to the New World.
The mythical places visited during Merlin's titanic voyage appear to have been provided by someone who had journeyed to North America, making landfall in New England. Here, off the coast of Maine, Graham investigated and found an island that matches the descriptions given of the Isle of Avalon. Native American legends talk of a sacred spring that holds curative and life-preserving properties lying in a valley flanked by two rocky headlands known as the twin serpents.
Supporting Phillips' extraordinary hypothesis is fresh archaeological evidence of early island-hopping trading voyages between Britain and what is today New England. He discovers both Native American graves in northern Europe and European graves in North America - one of which, he offers, is perhaps the grave of Merlin. Remarkably, this astonishing secret was preserved for centuries, Phillips discovers, in the coded writings of William Shakespeare and in the mysterious works of the early Freemasons."

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