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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Shugborough Coat of Arms Relates To Merovingians and the Alien Nummo

"The Merovingian bloodline appeared in the Holy Blood Holy Grail and in the Da Vinci Code fiction, where the Frankish royal family was supposed to be descended from Jesus and Mary Magdalene. According to my research, the Merovingian bloodline is much older than the biblical Jesus and Mary Magdalene. It predates these myths by thousands of years.

Through my research of the ancient African Dogon religion, I have found links between the fish and serpent like alien Nummo talked about by Dogon, and the Merovingians. According to legend, the Merovingians traced their ancestry back to Merovée, a semimythical person who was born of two fathers. One was a king named Clodio and the other a sea monster that seduced his mother when she was swimming in the sea. The Merovingians were supposed to have been descended from aliens, who were the offspring of "nephilim" or fallen angels. Because of their ancestry, Merovée and his descendants were reputed to have supernatural powers and unnaturally long lives."

posted by NEXUS  # 11:34 AM


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