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Monday, June 05, 2006

Hypernumbers and the Magic Square

That Musaios considered hypernumbers would play a crucial role in the evolution of humanity can be seen from his remarks at the end of chapter 8: "The contemplation and use of hypernumber forms and properties will prove and already has proved both by self-experience and teaching to be a most efficacious and irreplaceable method of evolving into conscious access the powers and capabilities of our superconscious selves. And that way man's future lies."

Now Musaios discovered that there are seven kinds of hypernumber that exist beyond the square root of minus one (also referred to as u2,) which he called u3,, u4,, u5, u6 , u7 , u8 and u9. Now these eight kinds of number actually map upon the eight powers of the outer ring of the Magic Square and thus also correspond to the seven pleromic worlds of the central Q-universe and the 7-D universe that lies beyond it

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