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Friday, October 27, 2006

Hiroshi Ishiguro builds his evil android twin: Geminoid HI-1

Ishiguro, a senior researcher at ATR Intelligent Robotics and Communication Laboratories outside Kyoto, has created a machine in his own image -- a robot that looks and moves exactly like him. It sits on a chair and gazes around the room in a very humanlike fashion, just like its creator. In fact, the robot is an exact duplicate.

Ishiguro's silicone-and-steel doppelgänger was made from casts taken from his own body. Powered by pressurized air and small actuators, it runs on semiautonomous motion programs.

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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Cloaking and Invisibility

Our group studies the interesting electromagnetic properties of artificially structured materials, or metamaterials. As remarkable--sometimes even science-fiction like--as these metamaterials are, we usually run into the problem that it is difficult to convey their importance to non-experts. However, we have recently had the opportunity to study a new type of electromagnetic metamaterial that has a function easily understood by all. In a recent paper published in the journal Science, we have outlined a theoretical method to design a material that would render objects invisible. This topic has raised an enormous amount of interest worldwide, and with that interest inevitably comes rampant speculation about what might be possible with this new paradigm. With all the speculation it can become easy to blur the line between what is science fact and what remains science fiction! So, we thought we'd describe here, in a non-technical way, our view on the prospects of invisibility, and try to sort out the fact from the fiction.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Exploring Stephen Hawking's Flexiverse

See Explanation.  Clicking on the picture will download   the highest resolution version available.
A Universe in a Box

HERE’S how to build a universe. Step one: start at the beginning of time. Step two: apply the laws of physics. Step three: sit back and watch the universe evolve. Step four: cross your fingers and hope that it comes out looking something like the one we live in. That’s the basic prescription for cosmology, the one physicists use to decipher the history of the universe. But according to Stephen Hawking of the University of Cambridge and Thomas Hertog of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), the steps are all backward. According to these physicists, there is no history of the universe. There is no immutable past, no 13.7 billion years of evolution for cosmologists to retrace. Instead, there are many possible histories, and the universe has lived them all. And if that’s not strange enough, you and I get to play a role in determining the universe’s history. Like a reverse choose-your-own-adventure story, we, the observers, can choose the past.

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You are made of space-time

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LEE SMOLIN is no magician. Yet he and his colleagues have pulled off one of the greatest tricks imaginable. Starting from nothing more than Einstein's general theory of relativity, they have conjured up the universe. Everything from the fabric of space to the matter that makes up wands and rabbits emerges as if out of an empty hat.

This promising approach to understanding the cosmos is based on a collection of theories called loop quantum gravity, an attempt to merge general relativity and quantum mechanics into a single consistent theory.

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What is the Purification

... and whom was it meant for?...

"There's a tremor in the Force. The last time this was felt it was in the presence of... "


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The May Day Mystery

The Game seems to revolve around May 1st, commonly known as May Day.
The solution to solving the puzzle lies within unraveling a series of complex, detailed, and interwoven pages that are printed every May 1st in the Arizona Daily Wildcat, the student run newspaper on the University of Arizona Campus.

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Monday, October 09, 2006

How Time Travel Will Work

Ideas of time travel have existed for centuries, but when Albert Einstein released his theory of special relativity, he laid the foundation for the theoretical possibility of time travel. As we all know, no one has successfully demonstrated time travel, but no one has been able to rule it out either.

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Time Traveler Wanted

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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Alien Dreaming

The Enigma of the Archons

The Gaia Mythos describes how the impact of the Aeon Sophia upon the density of atomic matter produced a massive fracture, like the shatter pattern on an ice pond. The pattern has a center where Sophia is located (identified by the Mandelbrot Set), and a spider-web extension of fracture lines that run in all directions (the frozen sea of fractal waves). Episode 9 describes how Sophia, situated in the center of the impact zone, sees around Her something like a sea of tensile waves, and riding the waves, or actually composing the waves they appear to ride, are self-repeating forms that resemble seashorses. These seahorses are similar to the forms that appear at high reiteration of the equation for the Mandelbrot Set. These forms correspond to the anatomical type spontaneously generated from formless atomic matter by Sophia's impact, a type called the "shadow body," haibes in Coptic.

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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sir, I bear a rhyme excelling
In mystic force and magic spelling
Celestial sprites elucidate
All my own striving can't relate

The number PI, the digits of which are illustrated by the length of each word in the riddle.

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