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Saturday, November 04, 2006

"It's A Strange New Millennium"

...Come to Butthead...

while wandering around some Internet Sites, I came across this one called " The Wulf Bytes Archives". Since we are preparing for our General Elections on this next Tuesday I began to think about the many things that have taken form since we have had this administration. I have been postponing my search and study of the measures and candidates put before us to vote on, when usually I proceed with gusto thinking that I have been heard, as all USA citizens should be. But I have this underlying fear of what we will get in return for our honest ballots. Then it hit me ! We really are being conditioned.......being hit over the head over and over until we are immune to it..........the conditioning I mean. This Country is ours. The Government is not it's own entity. Every citizen works and pays for it. Camon people, WAKE UP before she is ruined beyond repair and we with her! If she means this much to me she has to mean this much to you. She has been our child for generations and we her children. We must do right by her as she has done right by us and all those before us. wake up future generations NEED us!

posted by AnnBlogs  # 11:00 PM


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