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Thursday, October 11, 2007

"the Lazarus Phenomenon"

[Originally posted 5/15/2007 12:04 am]
Brain Death caused by too much O2. Heard an article on 'CoastToCoastAm' Sunday 5/13 on 1570am at 6pm, while driving home from a bit of a road trip. Looking for references. Researcher said that brain death is caused by getting too much o2 to the brain when it stalls. that the brain cells go into a state of using almost zero o2 then when the heart is massaged and o2 pumped into the lungs, the sudden overdose of o2 kills the neurons. That there is a way to bing someone/thing back from the dead by SLOWLY ramping the brain up with 02 as slowly as it became deprived. that a gradual increase in o2 will let the brain come back gently and not shock it to death and the person will wake up when they have enough o2. Implications for comas and 'brain dead': more o2 may awaken those who are in deep comas as well as the 'dead'.

If anyone can find the researcher, book, or articles. Please let me know in comments.

Update [10/11/2007]: I haven't dropped this one. Just found the name of the phenomenon. Its called "the Lazarus Phenomenon". I still can't find any references to the interview I heard, the book, or the medical doctor who was interviewed. Very strange and amazing indeed. Something's stirring...
Also, the above image links to a dvd on the topic, but it seems very religiously oriented. I chose it and the link, because it seems to have all the themes from the non-extant radio show I heard. This really is science... somewhere... so don't be overly put off by the religious stuff, it'll have to do until I find the real stuff I'm aiming for. Should make for an interesting study topic though.

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